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What The Hell’s Up With This Joint?

Mecha-Guignol gets its ridiculous name from a ridiculous line from a ridiculous ending theme from an equally ridiculous anime series. The line in question may or may not translate to “Wind-Up Mechanized Grand Guignol,” since our Japanese sucks and we can’t verify it one way or another. Regardless, the line conjured images of mechas performing Grand Guignol plays, and said image is awesome whether or not said line is correctly translated.

This is mainly an anime blog, but other pop culture stuff will seep its way in, both Japanese/Asian and US/Western. Movies are often thrown into the mix, mainly because Landon is just as much of a film geek as he is an anime geek. Landon’s also a pretentious dork who tends to not see the trees for the forest, so his views won’t always match up with popular opinion.

This joint won’t be some sort of radically different anime blog. This stuff’s been going on long enough that everything’s already been done. It’s just about doing that stuff in a way that doesn’t suck. We’d like to think we don’t suck.

Peeps That Write Shit Here


Landon is a penguin. Said penguin works in education. Something about testing and crap. He tried being a middle school teacher, but that agreed with him as well as a spoonful of cyanide agrees with anything alive.

This damn penguin has been watching anime for too damn long. He also likes Street Fighter and all of its wannabe competition, table top role-playing shit like Dungeons and Dragons, and Food Network.

He has claimed to have had prophetic dreams since he was a child. He’s also claimed to have delusions of grandeur and has often claimed to be the main character in a really bad young reader novel that most people refer to as “Reality.”

The penguin’s natural state of being is that of slacking. Thus it is some small miracle that he has started a blog that updates with some regularity. The stars must be aligning and Cthulhu must be stirring in his eons-old sleep.



Updatedude may appear to be human on the outside, but its true origins are far more mysterious and likely far more naughty. DNA testing has proven inconclusive and its true species cannot be determined.

If the being known as Updatedude has one weakness, it is the intoxicating allure of plastic children’s toys. It has even gone so far as to record its play sessions with these mass-produced baubles on its own blog. It likes the ones with limbs it can manipulate like so many pagan gods toying with humanity.

In addition to this insatiable fetish, Updatedude enjoys many of trappings of anime, and while its whims may mirror Landon’s at times, its own desires can often deviate in fiendish ways.

Also, it is to naughty, deviant children what Gamera was to good little children: Their lord and savior.

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  1. July 18, 2011 4:54 AM

    Hello. I was wondering if you’re up for a link exchange. I’d appreciate that :)

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