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JinJiang Deformation Camouflage King Kong

September 24, 2017

Aka the sized down Combiner Wars Leader Megatron knock-off.

Pros & Cons
It’s sized down to Voyager Class. Where this mold, frankly belongs.

It’s also cheap to boot because it’s a knock-off.

Though not a “high end” knock-off, the plastic quality’s surprisingly good.

The sculpt’s decent but the paint is actually quite exceptional given this is a bootleg.

Tolerances are acceptably good for the most part, except for the forearm panels which are barely able to stay on and the left shoulder has a squeak when being moved.

Articulation is generally decent but missing a few key points. There’re no thigh swivels and the backpack treads seem to also spot a reduction in their mobility. This is generally acceptable given that this is a KO, but the lack of thigh swivels seriously hurts it as he’s always got his toes pointed slightly inward, which affects his balance, forcing you to give him the “Obari Thrust” pose if you want to stand him up straight.

Oh, and tank mode is… on balance, okay for what it is.

He’s a mix of surprisingly good and disappointingly sucky. All in all, given that this IS a knock-off, he’s pretty good for what he is.

Also, his name is Camouflage King Kong. He’d get a free pass on the name alone.

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