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Dragonball Super #104

August 20, 2017

A surprisingly good episode with a pretty amusing vuvuzela joke. I mean, vuvuzela jokes are like, what, 5-15 years out of date at the time of this writing? But “A” for effort there. Spoilers ahead. Actually, pretty much all spoilers.

In this episode, Hit from Universe 6 faces off against Dyspo from Universe 11. Hit’s special power is the Time Skip, where he creates a Save Point, sees what happens in the next few seconds and then returns to that Save Point so he can counter it. Dyspo, who is already faster than Hit, counters this by using a technique that lets him accelerate thousands of times faster than he already is, which he uses just as Hit activates his Time Skip. Basically, preventing Hit from reading the future by attacking him in the present. Dyspo is able to predict when Hit uses the Time Skip because he’s a rabbit type alien with a keen sense of hearing. He’s able to hear the movement of the specific muscles that Hit tenses up when he uses the Time Skip.

So Hit’s answer to this is to feint out Dyspo by tensing the same muscles he would normally use for the Time Skip, without actually using the Time Skip. Then punching Dyspo with a counter punch.

Which is DUUUUUUUMB (actually, I wanted to say “FUCKING STUPID!” but I’m trying to tone down the swearing).

Sure, on the surface it sounds reasonable but bear in mind that Dyspo is STILL thousands of times faster. Hit’s essentially hitting the super speedster with a SLOWER punch because his own “super speed” technique isn’t fast enough. In that split second that Dyspo attacks, he’s Flash speed while Hit’s regular person speed. It wouldn’t even matter if Hit could predict where Dyspo’s coming from because he’s FRICKIN’! (actually, I wanted to say “FUCKING!” but I’m trying to tone down the swearing) Flash speed!

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