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Dragon Ball Super #103

August 14, 2017
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A quick review as I’m in a bit of a hurry. Basically, this is the episode where not only does Gohan finally do something, but he finally wins a damn fight after however many years. The dude hasn’t had a win since he end of the Cell Saga. And if we’re talking “clean” wins, he hasn’t had one ever… until now.

Other than that though, this is the usual DBS shit. As far as DBS goes, the inconsistencies aren’t too obvious unless you think about them; then it’s highly inconsistent. Like, why would a simple personal ki scrambling technique be such a massive power drain? Why… the Botamo fight? Just… why? Like, a throwaway line to explain why it happened would have been enough, but since there’s no explanation, it just ends up dumb.

But hey, this is Dragon Ball Super. It’s the Michael Bay movie of the Dragon Ball-verse. If you expect consistency, respect for the source material, logic, choreography etc, then you’re SOL. If you’re just watching to waste 20 odd minutes though, then this does a respectable job and episode 103 is better than the last bunch of episodes.

The next episode preview promises that the next episode will return to the usual inconsistency though. Like, that rabbit guy from Universe 11 couldn’t even take on a bunch of regular space pirates, but the preview suggests that he’s in the same league as Hit?

Oh DBS… never change. Because it’s too little too late at this point, so you might as well continue to embrace your sacrilegious-osity.

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