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Duck Tales (2017) #1 & #2

August 13, 2017

“Ducktor Woo-hoo!”

A reboot that we never thought we wanted, but probably always did. Set in the town of Duckburg, where things are so hectic that life there’s like a hurricane of race cars, lasers and aeroplanes. It’s a big blur of mystery solving and rewriting history. And stuff.

Okay, so… the Duck Tales reboot is like this… it’s… actually kind of damn good. It’s the sort of show that a 6 to 8 year old might genuinely dig and is good enough for their parents too, but it also has so much nostalgia and references going for it the ‘rents were big fans, they would totally geek-out for it. Hell, right off the bat, it establishes itself to be in the same universe as Darkwing Duck and the Goof Troop. Hopefully Rescue Rangers and Tailspin will get lumped in as well (unless they already have and I simply missed the reference).

Like the original, the pilot is a multi-parter, and while I like the first part well enough, I do think the second half’s that much better. Especially since it drops an incestual drama bomb toward the end. That aside, they really do focus on the adventuring aspect of the show though, which makes this show quite unique among contemporary cartoons. It’s like a more grand version of Gravity Falls, only with ducks and a younger demographic.

Characters and voices are also great. From the sneak peaks prior to the pilot, it seemed like Webby was gonna be morphed into this super competent grrrl power Mary Sue, and she kinda is, but she’s also wracked by neurosis because Granny locked her up in a dark mansion and made her do special ops training her entire life. She’s had no social interaction and reduced to stalking he mansion’s owner. She’s also apparently never even stepped outside nor have a burger.

Scrooge is David Tennant, pretty much. Glomgold is the wacky meta character who skirts breaking the 4th wall, but he’s still pretty awesome.

Launchpad is meh so far (with a few good lines though). Granny’s eh.

Donald is perhaps too Donald. Because it’s hard to make out what he says sometimes. That said, he’s also quite un-Donald because he’s apparently secretly a badass. I do love the estrange relationship between him and Scrooge.

Finally, Huey’s the NEEEEERD, Dewey’s the annoying main character/Jock and Louie is Satan, bent on corrupting Webby to his depraved, amoral ways.

At the end of the day, I do like this reboot. I’m not crazy about it yet but it has potential to break into the truly awesome category.

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