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Thermae Romae (Live Action Movie 2012)

August 6, 2017

A movie about traveling through space and time, political intrigue, intellectual theft, guilt, slavery, adultery, attempted rape, impregnation and a greedy (but hot) Japanese slave girl. Also, man-on-boy action (with a banana).

The first hour of this movie is a pretty good adaptation of the manga and anime. Unlike the anime, it plays the premise straight. It even has a bit of narrative, via new content, to give continuity to the various excursions of Lucius Modestus into the slave ghetto where the “flat faced tribe” live.

Of course, being based on a manga/anime, it means that for the uninitiated, the first hour or so of this movie is going to be a weird and confusingly pointless tribute to public baths and bathrooms… because that’s what the series is about. Literally. It’s about public baths and bathrooms. I mean, if you seriously didn’t know what Thermae Romae was about before reading this, I’ll spell it out for you.

It’s about baths and bathrooms.

That’s it. And it’s glorious. The second half of the movie has some actual plot. Which is laaaaame. It’s an adequate plot but keep your filthy stories and intrigues out of the bath, you barbarians.

Overall I’d give this movie an arbitrarily high score, especially if you like or at least know about the manga or anime. If you’re totally uninitiated and/or have a phallic gold trinket up your bum, the movie might not be for you. But you’d be an idjit to complain about it, because really, why would you be watching Thermae Romae if you don’t know what it’s about or at the very least, don’t have an open mind?


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