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Bakuon!! #7

May 20, 2016


Bakuon!!’s officially in my “I love this show” pile.

It’s not that it’s an exceptionally great show in terms of storytelling or whatever. It’s not nearly as nasty as Sabagebu! nor is it chock full of jokes. It has a few really good jokes here and there but it’s not a laugh-a-thon like say, Azumanga Daioh where there’s some form of humor at any given moment.

But it has love. And that really translates through the anime. It’s kinda like Gundam Build Fighters or Busou Shinki in that it depends on selling to the viewer the idea of the love the characters feel for their respective hobbies, but Bakuon!! really gets the passion and fanaticism across.

I don’t love Bakuon!! because it’s good, although it’s certainly quite decent for what it is. I love it because it lets me vicariously experience “joy” once again.

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