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Kamen Rider Drive Saga: Kamen Rider Chaser

May 12, 2016


Alrighty, let’s talk about something I just finished the other night. The Kamen Rider Drive movie which focuses on one of the side characters, a dude named Chase.

Lemme cut to the chase, as it were. The notable thing about this particular Kamen Rider movie is that for the first time in what feels to be a long time, there’s a bit of adult-ish content. When a civilian girl got shot up and bled, I gotta say, I was surprised. Normally you’d just get a teensy little cut on an arm in the newer Riders, but she got shot through the arm, leg and there was a wound on her back. I actually thought she was dead. And of course, the heavy implication that Chase got laid through hot, steamy, robot on robot nookie (spoiler, he’s a robot).

So let’s talk about the film itself for a bit. Set somewhere just before the final arc of the TV series, it kind of assumes you’ve finished the series though, because a) you’re supposed to be sympathetic toward the villains and b) it reveals what would have been, the final words of a certain character. Which I was content to let remain a mystery honestly, but it’s still kinda nice that we’re not left forever hanging.

As for the movie itself, it’s okay. It’s solid for what it is. If you managed to get pass the godawful first 20 or so episodes of Kamen Rider Drive (you’ll want to start around the time Freeze appears) and watched the series till the end, then you probably dug the series and this movie is solid and gives you more of that Drive love.

The villain of the movie is stiltedly acted for the most part, though it culminates in her freaking out toward the end. She’s an interesting villain in that her ultimate goal, from her perspective, is peace. They sort of don’t know whether to make her sympathetic or not though. They kind of waver here and there, but never really push her to full on bitch mode, which I appreciate.

Well, anyways, if you liked Drive, you’ll like this movie. But it’s not a great movie for just jumping in. I like it though but I’ve seen the TV series.

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