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Stuff I’m actually watching

May 11, 2016


So, what shows have maintained my attention for the past month and a half? I’ve got a pretty minute attention span, so there’s only so many shows I’ll give the time to actually follow. There might be “better” stuff out there, but here’s what I’m watching.

I just finished episode 6, which was awesome because they managed to convey PASSION in the subject matter. That’s not something that happens a lot in anime or even many supposed “nerd/geek” media. Season 1 of Genshiken managed to convey some passion, and I would assume anime based on children’s card games convey passion, but generally speaking, it’s in rare supply. I guess season 1 of K-On! conveyed some passion for music as well, whereas the second season, K-On!! merely conveyed an utter disdain for it.

Anywho, Bakuon!! conveys passion for bikes, particularly that last bit with Onsa and the Samsa.

I dig Bakuon. It’s what every slice of life about a bunch of school girls shoulda been. We don’t necessarily need any “nastiness”, but camaraderie and teasing between friends… actual chemistry between characters… like in Bakuon’s what’s needed. Like, drum girl and leftie bassist (I genuinely can no longer remember their names) from season 1 of K-On!! had chemistry. And here, there’s chemistry all around. Only the rich girl doesn’t quite fit in.

Kamen Rider Amazons
Kamen Rider Amazons is… well, the Kamen Rider equivalent of Marvel’s Daredevil/Jessica Jones on Netflix. Amazon Prime Japan has funded a 13 episode run of Kamen Rider to be shown on their network/channel/whatevs, and it just so happens to be inspired by the old 70s show, Kamen Rider Amazon (without the “s”).

Each episode is a longer run and the show’s far more mature than the current Kamen Riders. It’s actually rather similar to the early 2000s Kamen Rider TV-shows, but the shorter run means a tighter story with less padding/filler.

As much as I loved Kamen Rider Gaim, I can admit that it doesn’t hit high gear until episode 14. And that’s a lot of episodes. Not to mention that it hits its first crescendo at episode 11 and episodes 12 & 13 are basically a lull for the toys to catch up to the show. So it’s easy to drop it at 11. I mean, it’s decent up to 11, but isn’t must-watch till 14.

Kamen Rider Amazons seems to be a great gateway into the franchise, short of the movies. As of this writing, we’re up to episode 6.

Eh, it ain’t worth typing out the full name. Luluco’s okay. If it came out 15 years ago, it’d be brilliant. A classic/hit like FLCL. But now? It’s okay, but there’s nothing we haven’t seen before.

Ace Attorney
I’m a couple episodes behind Ace Attorney because while the show’s pretty good, the localization just pisses me the hell off. The localization’s good for the games and I’ll even accept that they’re using the localized names rather than the actual names in the anime, despite how annoying that is in itself. Because you know, having watched anime for so long, while I STILL can’t understand the language at all, I can at least catch a few random words y’know? So it’s quite jarring to clearly hear a character’s name in Japanese, yet read the localized name. Not so bad for something like Maya/Mayoi but an absolute travesty for some of the punnier names. Still, I’ll give ’em that.

But once they change the fucking dialogue… I mean, FUCK SHIT! I’m fine with changing dialogue so long as it keeps the spirit of the original, but these FUCKING SHIT FUCKS are just sticking stupid memes in, be it jokes from the games or just adding whatever shit they want to put in, regardless of the appropriateness in regards to the scene.

The problem with Ace Attorney for me is that I don’t get Crunchyroll where I am, and apparently, Crunchyroll has 2 versions. One that translates things directly and another that’s “localized”, and the version that I have available is the localized one. But the localized one SUCKS FUCKING SHITASS because it’s essentially a gag translation.

I’ll catch up to AA once I can find the direct translation version because FUCK the localized version. It’s not a matter of elitism, it’s a matter of the localized version isn’t even “localized”, it’s a fucking gag translation.

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