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Bakuon!! #1

April 5, 2016


I’ve already written a review for Luluco and some other show, but dang, gotta talk about Bakuon!! because here’s a show that surprised me.

First of all, I had no idea what this show was about. I just got it because it’s the new anime season y’know? I liked how it opened, with some rocking music and a character design that’s not just another fucking K-On reject, but right away, I knew it was basically a K-On-esque show, only with motorbikes. I mean, we’ve had shows like this before. Just replace motorbikes with whatever hobby and you’ve got your standard show of this type, y’know?

Well, I was wrong. It turns out I knew nothing.

This show’s pretty darn decent. Finally, we’ve got a hobby anime where everyone is not some homogenized idealized and boringly unrealistic schoolgirl. Every girl has her taste in Bakuon and they fight because their tastes differ. One girl’s a Suzuki zombie and she hates the girl who loves all bikes (except Suzukis). And the main girl is clueless like any other main girl tends to be in this kinda show. She has absolutely no common knowledge regarding bikes to an utterly ludicrous degree, which is par for the course, however, in a later scene, she innocently insults the Suzuki brand and then genuinely asks which bike the Suzuki fanatic has. That scene saves her for me because it’s not that she’s unbelievably ignorant like other main girls in hobby shows, but she kinda acts like she has some sort of condition where she has no social propriety.

Anyways, yeah, Bakuon!!’s surprisingly decent. It has energy, it has conflict within a multifaceted hobby/interest and it has some good energy. But most of all, it has a sentient motorbike which sees herself/itself as a whore to be used by countless students, just for the profit of the training school.

Also, it has the Stig’s Japanese schoolgirl cousin.

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