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Ace Attorney #1

April 2, 2016

Wowzers, I’m actually watching and blogging stuff. I’ve watched Space Patrol Luluco #1 and Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV #1 the other day and even wrote up a 4 episode blog thingy for a Kamen Rider thing, but WordPress was having issues or something. I’ll get those up inna bit, but for now, let’s talk Ace Attorney #1, which seems to be hated online.

Because personally, I love it. It’s not a perfect show but as an adaptation? I’m feeling the love. They could have gone the “original content” route or just be slavish, and it seems they’ve decided on the latter. Now, ordinarily, I’m not one for slavish interpretations, but several factors swing it in Ace Attorney’s favor. For one, the game is quite old and it’s not exactly content that people can remember to exacting detail nor is it easily reference-able. But the chief reason is that they’re not going with the perfect playthrough route. Phoenix blunders here and there for the sake of blundering. It’s basically like if you’re playing the game and intentionally choosing the wrong option just to see the dialogue.

My biggest problem with the show is that I’m just not able to be objective about it. I really need Landon to watch it because I know he hasn’t played the games. I don’t know if I love the “cheapness” of the animation because it’s refreshing or if I love it for nostalgia’s sake.

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