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Active Raid #4 to #7

February 21, 2016


Well, I’m all caught up and I gotta say, I dig Active Raid, but I’d totally understand if it ain’t for everyone.

First off, Active Raid ticks off all my fetishes, including “mid-age crisis giant robot piloting”. But it’s an episodic kinda show which surprisingly, doesn’t really have a main character. There’s one girl who’s sort of the main character but she’s not front and center enough to have a definitive hold on that spot.

Anyways, the variety of subjects they tackle generally suit me. Some, like the poker episode, might suit someone like Landon, but generally speaking, the show as a whole suits me more than it’d suit him. If you’re like me with broadly the same preferences, you might like Active Raid despite it not having the most “organic” feel. But otherwise, I can understand why someone who’s more into other flavors of shounen or moe or whatever might not dig it.

That said, this is a show that feels like a labor of love. It’s just filled to the brim with aging nerds and the general message seems to be a love letter to all genres of nerdom in general.

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  1. preytorsanime permalink
    February 22, 2016 7:08 AM

    This post summarizes my feelings about the show perfectly. My only complaints about it would be that the suits look horrible with that badly done cgi and that the show tries a bit to much to be Patlabor which is a bad thing since I din’t like Patlabor at all.

    • February 22, 2016 6:26 PM

      Glad ta see someone else who digs it. I’m thinking this show might not have as many fans possibly? I really oughta keep my hand on the pulse of the community more.

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