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Active Raid #1 to #3

February 20, 2016


ACTIVE Raid? More like, TOKU Raid amirite? It ain’t no secret that I’m into toku, and Active Raid is hitting all my superhero time buttons.

The first episode seemed pretty generic. But I decided to give the show another episode and boy oh boy… at about halfway through the second episode, I just couldn’t shake the toku feel. I mean, even the villain of the week is uber monster of the week-esque. And the heroes are basically Kamen Rider G3. A quick googling confirmed it. The writer, who has quite a few anime under his belt, including Black Heaven, is most noted as having written Kamen Rider Kuuga.

Episode 3 continues more of that toku feel and even has lots of shout outs in the background. The mysterious villain, Mythos’ room is filled with vaguely otaku stuff like Zakus, Godzillas and Gamora etc.

I guess it’s a little hard to explain why it’s so toku. It’s more of a feel thing rather than the series using toku tropes. The closest thing to toku tropes they’ve been using is that regular people gain access to powers that somewhat consume them.

Anyways, I dig Active Raid. It’s right up my alley the way exploitation and conspiracies are up Landon’s alley.

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