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GATE Season2

December 30, 2015

Wait, there’s gonna be a second season of GATE? It’s coming out as early as Jan 9th 2016 and there’s even been a trailer? Picture after the jump, because it’s a pretty big pic.

I honestly can’t think of how the source material can be adapted from this point forward. It’s kinda like Overlord. If you adapt the novels for Overlord from where the anime left off, you’re gonna end up with the main characters coming off as dicks.

For GATE, a) I’m not sure where it could end so that it has “punch”. I mean, it could end with the dragon story but the image you’re gonna see below shows that crown prince Zorzal’s gonna appear and be a fairly major figure. So maybe it’ll have to outpace the manga and follow the novel’s conclusion? b) Man, if season 1 was watered down, season 2’s gonna be just plain tap water in comparison.

Let’s look at some of the character redesigns shall we? I’ll explain as I discuss each character. Oh, and there’s gonna be some MAJOR spoilers below, so be forewarned.


First up is Zorzal, who just looks utterly silly. He’s a !Roman in the manga but the anime adaptation has him looking like a full on fantasy character, which wouldn’t be so bad except that totally clashes with the aesthetics of everything else. The guy’s also a major rapist. The first few times you see him in the manga, he’s outright fucking/raping someone. So yeah, that’s gonna be cut out.

Next is Noriko. As you’d guess from her name and the images, she’s a kidnapped Japanese citizen. She’s also a rape victim/sex slave to Zorzal and whoever he shared her with. Good luck explaining why she’s suicidal if you remove that part of her story.

Angry Itami is okay. You can’t expect the art to shift in the anime.

Tyuule… see, here’s the thing, if we remove the bit where Zorzal’s a rapist, Tyuule might just seem like a bitch. But here’s the thing, she’s one of his favorite fuck toys and her story involves mass decapitation, gang rape and a touch of genocide. And that’s just Tyuule’s side. If we look at the stories related to her as well, we’re getting refugees whoring themselves for shelter/food and self-mutilation & slavery. So again, if season 2’s like season 1 where they gloss over the more nsfw bits, it’s just gonna be real watered down. It was okay in season 1 because the bulk of the stories was more about the hyper advance aliens vs the !Romans and their fantasy races fodder. But this next stretch of stories is more on the intrigue side.

Sugawara is eh. He’s not that important and a new hair style is certainly more acceptable than Zorzal’s completely setting inappropriate cosplay.

Sherry is self explanatory. She went from regular human to Japanese idol wannabe. She certainly wouldn’t be the first Idolm@ster reject in this show.

So yeah, I can’t see how season 2 will work. Perhaps it wouldn’t matter if you never saw the manga or heard about the light novels. But then again, I’m sure even someone who never saw that stuff noticed bits and pieces of season 1 seemed odd or off. Like Tuka’s lack of reaction to her village being slaughtered by a dragon and there’s an off-ness to Rori during the Italica battle.

Well, we shall see… err, not me of course, I’ve no intention of catching season 2 unless they surprisingly maintain a bit more of the edginess that season 1 avoided.

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