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Only Sense Online #1

December 23, 2015


So I just read a manga called Only Sense Online, and before I go into it in-depth, I just wanna say that as of the first chapter, it’s a really shitty manga you should avoid.

Here’s the thing, it’s not that it’s “bad” in and of itself, but Only Sense Online is yet another “noob playing a mmo” series. It has a couple things going for it, mostly that the art is okay if you’re into this style. The lead is ostensibly a beta-personality male but his avatar is a female and for some reason, that’s supposed to be a big fucking deal because mmos in manga restrict your character gender and appearance to your actual gender and appearance (which to be fair, seeing as everyone is pretty in a fictional world, I guess there’s no reason for people to not want to look like themselves). Anyways, he’s a wishy washy girly “moe” dude. Which, depending on preferences, might be a positive to you as a reader.

The big drawback is that once again, like Log Horizon or Overlord or whatever, the mangaka has no idea what the fuck a mmo is. Also, that was hyperbole, of COURSE they know what mmos are. The point is that once again, they take artistic licenses that just utterly break suspension of disbelief. It’s like, mmo manga is the zombie movie of the manga world. Support classes are treated like trash much in the same way that a completely empty rooftop can suddenly be filled with literally (as in, the actual meaning of the word “literally”) scores if not hundreds of zombies.

Which is what happens in Only Sense Online. The game’s system is a classless system that depends on your skills. The main dude, who is a noob, takes skills that are synergistic to each other and also crafting based skills. But his fellow players say he took “trash” powers because at low levels, the stuff you craft are freely available in shops and it’s easier to just buy them.

No… fucking… shit Sherlock!

They also criticize him for using a bow rather than a sword, and that he took a useless skill which improves his eye sight range… I mean, god, I don’t even…

Look, it differs from game to game. In some games, Archers are worthless. In others, they have crazy DPS. But still, it’s such a ham-fisted way to say he made “bad” skill choices.

Now, another manga, called Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki, has much the same setup. Only the main character is a 38 year old single guy who plays for fun. Like Only Sense Online, he too took archery and crafting. And it’s a pretty decent mmo manga. Not great but certainly more tolerable because it doesn’t insult the reader’s intelligence… as much.

Who knows, Only Sense Online might become better. It’s certainly setting things up to where the MC will be a special overpowered snowflake. It’s just that for now, its defining feature is that it uses all the lame tropes that other mmo series use.

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