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One Punch Man: Up to Eleven

December 15, 2015


As in, I’m actually up to episode 11, not the phrase “up to 11”

OPM’s like, the only anime I’ve kept up with this season. I just haven’t felt like investing in any other show for a variety of reasons. I’ve been watching a lot of live action cape shows, but sadly, they all suck. Flash season 2 is about on par or only slightly better than a good Power Rangers season. Supergirl’s… yeah, well, at least it had the Livewire episode. Doctor Who season 9 finally fucking ended. It was appropriate that the shittiest era (the Clara Era) ended with the shittiest episode (Both subjectively and objectively shitty, though shittiEST is of course, hyperbole on my part. I say this for the benefit of those who take everything written literally. That said, Clara Era IS the shittiest era, literally). I’m currently getting ready to catch up with iZombie season 2 though, hopefully it’ll be good or at least acceptably decent.

As for actual anime/OPM talk? Well, I like the show. I’ve already read both the manga and webcomic, so the story and jokes lose their impact on me. The show’s just heh-heh funny as opposed to OHOHO! funny to me as a result, but it’s still an easy show to watch. And that’s the best thing about OPM. You know sometimes you’re just not in the mood for anything heavy but nothing TOO silly or too boringly slice of life either? Sometimes you just want something easy to digest. OPM fits that brilliantly.

It’s a great show for when you’ve nothing else to watch.

I dig it.

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