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Non-Anime/Jessica Jones

December 5, 2015


Only anime I’ve been keeping up with has been One Punch Man, which is a pretty good show, though I’m not exactly super stoked each week ’cause I’ve already read both the ONE and Murata versions. That said, the anime version’s fairly decent with some nice extra bits here and there.

But hey, we gotta have content for this site right? So what’ve I been watching these past weeks?

Warning: Non-Anime stuff after the jump. Also probably definitely arguably spoilers.

Basically I’m on a capes show phase.

The big thing is of course, Netflix’s Marvel’s Jessica Jones. Which is an okay series as a whole. I’d put it clearly below season 1 of both iZombie and Flash, but only somewhat below Netflix’s Marvel’s Daredevil. It starts off pretty damn slow and the first 3 episodes or so is just DOMINATED with Jessica Jones fucking Luke Cage. They try to build tension regarding a mysteeeeerious figure named Kilgrave but for me personally, it didn’t do nuthin’. But to be fair, I had some foreknowledge. I already knew his power and the actor playing him.

Speaking of which, Kilgrave aka the Purple Man, is played by David Tennant, who is most famous for playing the Tenth Doctor on Doctor Who. Kilgrave is pretty much the same character, only more selfish. So if the 10th Doctor floats your boat, you ought to like Kilgrave as well. He pretty much steals the show. Episode 11 had a distinct lack of him and it was a fucking terrible episode. Actually, the first 3 or 4 episodes didn’t have him and they were coincidentally, pretty weak episodes as well.

The problem is that this show just takes itself soooooo fucking seriously. It needed the levity provided by Kilgrave to achieve that magical balance. Once it does however, it’s more watchable than Daredevil. Daredevil was good, but it felt like reading a heavy novel while Jessica Jones is a lighter and easier read.

I somewhat disagree that the final quarter of the show was weak. The problem is that they already covered all the angles by around the 10th episode or so and the last arc is mostly just retreading. So yeah, the series could have done with a shorter run in order to maintain tightness.

All in all I’d give Jessica Jones a 7 out of 10. Certainly quite decent but not quite in that “Distinction” category.

Hey, at least it’s better than Supergirl amirite?

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