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I’mma back foo’

November 14, 2015

So yeah, computer problems on top of super network problems. I’m currently on Deluge as opposed to UTorrent and it seems to be a bit better. At least I’m getting SOME download.

I’ve kept up with One Punch Man via lower rez means and it’s been pretty good so far. As of episode… 5 or 6 I think? It even has some anime original content. I dig that. Slavish reproductions suck.

Otherwise behind on anime but I’ll catch up and brog about them as I do.

Season 2 of Flash has been acceptable but only barely. In fact, if you haven’t built up good will from season 1, it might even be painful to watch. Still need to catch up on Season 9 of Doctor Who and Supergirl.

Been watching some joshi pro wrestling, particularly featuring this chick named Kana (Asuka in WWE’s NXT program). I used to be big into wrestling but was never into what I saw of the Japanese wrestling scene. I saw some of their women’s wrestling but wasn’t enthralled either. BUT the ones I’ve been checking out lately have been great. I’m not sure if it’s a shift in match choreography philosophy or if it’s always been this way and I only saw the ones that didn’t suit my taste before, but basically, the matches I saw this time, you could just directly translate ’em into manga or even anime format. There’s a story to each match and they made sense in a fictional setting sort of way.

Speaking of female pro wrestlers, someone FINALLY uploaded Dirty Pair. I finally caught my first (technically second) episode of it. It was the first ep of the original series, where they had to deal with Brian. It was a good ep. Not as great as Tylor but it totally made me wish there were more shows like it these days, where they just have a concept/world setting and then run with it. For instance, “Darker Than Black” and Space Dandy have settings/concepts and run with it. Whereas stuff where a dude is stuck with girl who fell out of the sky because of an experiment by the Japanese Government Student Council is more along the lines of the universe/god/author conspiring to thrust events upon the main character.

Finally, I just can’t be bothered to watch Majimoji Rurumo. Sorry preytorsanime, I guess the influx of bearable anime has taken me out of my masochistic phase. I’ll maybe watch it one day, once I’m back in that phase.

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  1. preytorsanime permalink
    November 14, 2015 12:35 AM

    You are doing yourself a favor by not watching that godforsaken anime.

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