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Anime Catch-Up Winter? Thingamajiggywitit

October 19, 2015

So I finally shifted to my new old PC, but I’ve lost all speed on my torrents for some reason. Perhaps it’s because my ratio is low now? I mean, my speed’s always been slow but it’s practically non-existent now. It seems I get a couple hours of it working at night, so I just can’t keep up with new episodes right now. I’m reduced to having to get stuff from KissAnime.

So let’s talk about whatever stuff I did manage to get so far.

Gakusen Toshi Asterisk #1
A HIGHLY by the numbers anime where a new student comes to an academy where students have duels due to his/her sister who’s an alumni having disappeared.

In this case, the main character is a male, so naturally, he walks in on a tsundere in the middle of her changing. Since he’s a male, this is because he picked up a handkerchief that has sentimental value for said tsundere (if the MC’s a girl, the handkerchief would have just belonged to her in the first place). Naturally, they duel and the MC shows he’s super talented in dueling.

Like, literally, by the fucking numbers.

The match gets stopped and we get some exposition. I had to take a break but couldn’t be bothered to continue after said break. The problem isn’t that Gakusen Toshi Asterisk isn’t adequately executed for what it is, but that if you’ve been watching anime in the last, oh, I dunno, 5 years or so, you’ve seen this sequence of events play out before. Perhaps even the EXACT sequence in some cases. Maybe there’s a twist at the end of the episode, but unless someone tells me there is, I’m just not inclined to pick up where I left off.

If this is your first year in anime and you’ve never seen this premise before, then from what I saw, Gakusen Toshi Asterisk’s adequate for what it is. Otherwise, there’s simply nothing that you haven’t seen before if you’ve been watching for even a moderate period of time.

One Punch-Man #1 to #3
Alas, I already know the punchline. I’m just super surprised that they’ve put as much budget into this. I would have thought the bits with Saitama is where they’d have saved some animation money.

Though I personally know what’s gonna happen because I’ve read the manga, if you’re coming into OPM blind, you might really dig it. As it is, for myself, I still like it. It’s quite a faithful adaptation so far and I think some parts will probably be better in anime form than in manga anyways. I recommend watching up to at least episode 3 before passing final judgement.

For myself, I’ll likely keep up with this, since I’m a reasonably big OPM fan.

Fushigi na Somera-chan #1
It’s decent. I think Landon would dig it. It’s just a short, so the investment isn’t very high. It’s certainly better than the other shorts I’ve seen this season. Not the best but as of episode #1, it’s hovering in the low to mid upper range.

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  1. Gettingjigenwithit permalink
    December 2, 2015 10:45 PM

    I’m surprised you aren’t even mentioning Lupin the Third? Do you find the new series that bad, that it isn’t even worth a mention?
    I thought it was pretty great!

    • December 4, 2015 6:52 PM

      Whoopsie, this only just showed up in my mail to moderate. Anyways, nah, reason I didn’t mention Lupin is a) because I didn’t even notice it was available on the page where I normally get this stuff and b) I’m lame.

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