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Concrete Revolutio #1

October 10, 2015

spy2I’ll SUE!

Yeah, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei joke. It’s a joke we used to use all the time, such as when someone had the same idea we had. Who are we? Why, Landon, ThreeDark, myself and others of course, though me and Landon are the ones who usually use that joke, what with being the resident anime guys. Which residence am I referring to? Why, the FPL of course!

To explain, the FPL’s short for the Fantasy Powers League. It was an offshoot of the CBUB, aka the Comic Book Universe Battles, way back in… I wanna say, late 1998. Said site lasted hella long by internet standards. An eternity of over a decade. Hell, the message boards for the FPL’s still around, albeit inactive. The last posts were around 2013, so I guess the FPL’s lasted around 15 years, give or take.

Err, anyways, somewhat back on topic, the FPL allowed users to create their own characters using a template via a Character Creator. Said character would then be pitted against other characters in vote based matches. Ostensibly, the characters with the best powers would win, but in reality, it was a competitive fiction site where the best writing, most original concepts and a slew of other factors that determined the winners.

In such an open sandbox and over such a long time, the types of characters that were created spanned a huge plethora of genres. We had 90s XTREME type characters, crazy Joker-esque characters, giant robots, fallen angels, sentient objects, risen demons, pulp heroes, villains of all sorts and even Tokyo (as in, y’know, Tokyo) as characters.

And naturally, the people who frequented the FPL wanted their characters to exist outside of just their Character Sheets. They wanted their characters to exist in stories and to crossover/interact with other characters made by other Creators. So, the “world” of the FPL’s a hodgepodge anachronigenristic kinda place.

Which is what Concrete Revolutio is, more or less. It’s FPL, the anime. Just as Eretzvaju/Evil Zone was FPL, the PS game.

And for that reason alone, I’d watch Concrete Revolutio. Luckily, the premiere episode’s pretty… okay. The ending saved the episode. And because of my nostalgia for the FPL, I’ll probably keep watching even if it becomes major sucky later on.

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