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Sword Art Online #2

September 30, 2015


5 minutes into this second episode, and I want to quit sooooooooooooooo fucking much.

It’s not so much that what’s happening is “bad” but when you take the context of the fucking premise into consideration, it’s just… it’s like dealing with a dumbass troll on 4chan.

Holy shit! I paused the show to write the above and immediately upon resuming, it’s just so fucking bad. See, this guy is saying beta testers are bad because they knew where the good hunting spots were. Which is where I initially paused. Then I returned and Kirito’s sooooo full of edgy ANGST.

Okay, this show is currently saved thanks to the black man. Some black dude starts talking sense and he has a deep, reasonable sounding voice, which soothed my feelings of agitation.

…hmm, wonder why the dude didn’t wanna use a potion?

Okay, this episode is literally being made bearable thanks to the black man. Leave it to a westerner to know how to play a MMO “properly”.

Oh god… he’s pulling a Dark Knight. He’s the player SAO needs/deserves…

But the Beater thing is sooooooooo shittingly terrible.

Oh wow… she’s…. retarded.

Well, the episode’s done. The last fight was okay. No, to be fair, it was pretty good. The raiding party for the first level boss was pretty incompetent. Luckily, they had a westerner to keep things together.

They had Kangaroons for Kobolds, but hey, fuckin’ Kobolds right? They deserve to get their race misinterpreted.

Also, the leader of the raid dies for no fucking reason. It was duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuumb. Kirito had a potion ready for the guy, who rejected it and then died asking Kirito to help others… but the dude was trying to steal kill the boss for the loot. So wassap with being all noble all of a sudden?

Honestly, this show might work better as a straight up fantasy, or, like Overlord, it should eschew trying to explain the MMO setting, because it has no idea what the fuck’s a MMO. Log Horizon had similar problems, but it’s not too bad because it focused less on the game mechanics and more on transferring modern day society into the fantasy world.

I’m going to watch episode 3 now, but if it has a super stupid dumb dumb scene, I’m dropping it. You can’t say I ain’t giving the show a fair shake.

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