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Masochistic update

September 30, 2015


I’m currently getting Sword Art Online as I write this. I’m going to give it a fair shake and watch at least 3 episodes. Who knows, I might even like it somehow. I first watched it with no expectations and was sorely underwhelmed. But now my bar’s set super low, so who knows?

As per reader recommendation, I’ll also watch Majimoji Rurumo once I’m done with SAO.

Now, a quick review of a large variety of stuff.

First up is Overlord. For some reason, I thought it would be a full 2 cour series of 26 episodes, but evidently I was wrong. At a mere 13 eps, it’s finally ended and given the source material, I guess it ended on as high a note as it reasonably could.

The fight scene in episode 12 was reasonably decent for what it was while the continuation of said fight in the finale, covered what criticisms one might have had in episode 12. Though it did end somewhat weakly.

To expand on that, episode 12 saw the showdown between the main character and an opponent who could finally match up to him. In fact, said opponent is supposedly a “hard counter” to our MC. Much of said fight was a magic/skill spam fest, so there wasn’t too much by way of fight choreography. I’m kinda fine with it though. At least it was better than the bore fests that are Fate/Stay fights. I think the reason magic spamming works in Overlord is because they used reasonably understandable Engrish. Before the fight started, the main guy buffed himself with spells and the spell names more or less made sense. At least he’s not saying chanting utter gibberish like whenever someone pulls an Unlimited Blade Works (I actually just double checked, yeah, they talk utter nonsense).

Episode 13 had some fight choreography, although to be fair, it does degenerate into the lame kind of shounen fights, though that’s somewhat justified during the fight commentary, where they gave somewhat reasonable justifications of why the MC and his opponent were fighting the way they were fighting.

The best part of the fight was probably when the MC admits he’s just using Cash Shop items in order to pull off bullshit.

The finale ends with a LOT of story hooks for what is at the moment, an unlikely season 2.

Overall I like Overlord for what it is but it’s a bit directionless due to a lack of an established antagonist.

Bikini Warriors also ended this past week. It’s been a decent run. It’s best when it lampoons Dragon Quest/RPG tropes. The fanservice was eh, but doesn’t detract too much. That final episode though…

It’s just a collection of random scenes that could have occurred in the series and in the context of this show, it’s effin’ brilliant. For Bikini Warriors, the finale’s like, its version of End of Evangelion or Occult Academy.

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