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Sword Art Online #1

September 30, 2015


Edit: Now that I think about it, I DID watch episode 1 in full and probably skimmed episode 2. Way back when they first aired I mean.

So I’ve finally watched the first episode of Sword Art Online.

For some reason, I couldn’t remember anything from the start of it, so I was having doubts that I even watched it when it first came out. But then I recognized most of the middle parts of the episode and it was until the very end that I encountered “new material” again.

I’m gonna guess the beginning was unremarkable and I simply couldn’t finish the first episode on my first view through.

It wasn’t great but I guess it wasn’t as bad as I remembered. The big thing that turned me off the first time around was simply because it made no sense. And it still doesn’t. But I’ve come into this, knowing that the show’s full of plot holes.

I mean, I don’t have a problem with the premise. Like, I don’t mind if the premise of a show is about other dimensional bad guys who’ve come to steal the twintails of the world or if it’s about putting your life on the line to buy bentos on clearance. But ideally, things should make sense in the context of its premise, y’know?

SAO doesn’t. For instance, they go through a huge spiel about how you can’t remove the NerveGear which is keeping people trapped in the game without killing the person, but neglect to cover the fact that the human body will die within a few days without hydration. Or they mention how turning off the power wouldn’t solve the problem because the NerveGear’s got an internal battery, but if that’s the case, then turning off the power is THE thing to do because unless each headset is powered by a micro nuclear battery, it should run out of power in a reasonable period of time. Maybe not before the body dies but if you hook the body up in a hospital ICU…

Anyways, there’s just lots of dumb inconsistencies. And they wouldn’t matter if the show didn’t spend so much time on them. Take Overlord for instance. It doesn’t explain shit. And it works because of that. The whole MMO thing in Overlord’s just to give the audience an intuitive framework to work from. It assumes everyone watching’s got at least a passing idea of how RPGs and MMOs work and doesn’t belittle us too much by explaining things that just wouldn’t make sense.

BUT, everything I’ve written above… well, like I said, I came into this masochistic viewing, knowing all this. I knew the show didn’t make sense and I’m ignoring that aspect of it. It’s kinda hard though because of the main character. Basically, he’s this: xkcd comic.

The way the show presents him, he’s this guy who thinks he’s soooo smart and edgy because he’s the only one who’s able to think. By the end of the episode, he says something that seems reasonable in the context of this show, but is instantly disproven. Basically, he says that resources in a MMO are limited… which, *ahem* *kaff*kaff*, sorry, my throat’s feeling a bit itchy from coughing *cough*



But hey, maybe in this suddenly realistic world, resources have become limited? Nope. Very next scene, we see an enemy generate out of thin air, proving that resources are unlimited.

As a show, I’ve seen worse. But I’m not surprised I dropped this the first time around. In fact, in writing this post, I remember my first viewing now. Yeah, the reason I dropped it was because of how plot holey it was and the self insert nature of the MC wasn’t helping at all.

Ah well, time to watch the next 2 episodes (at least).

Maybe it’ll get better. After all, they’ve already got the exposition done with… right? I definitely haven’t seen them before, so it’ll be new material to me.

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  1. Kenshin permalink
    September 30, 2015 10:23 AM

    So I can’t remember if this is said later in the anime, or if it’s only in the novels but Kabaya informed the government of what he did and allowed all the players to be moved to hospitals where food/water/ect isn’t a problem. As for the battery thing I would guess it’s set up to kill the player if the battery gets too low. And for the limited resources thing if I remember correctly he’s talking about how monsters spawn at a limited rate, and with that many players on the first floor they will kill them far faster than they spawn, leaving most people with nothing to fight.

    I do agree Kirito comes off as a edgy self-insert type of character though. Unfortunately that only gets worse as the series goes on…

    • September 30, 2015 10:53 PM

      Cool. All that info’s not mentioned in the anime though. So to me, it’s just a lot of plot holes. But to be fair, I’d nitpick it even if they did include that info.

      Well, if Kirito gets even MORE self-inserty…

      I mean, seriously, spoilers, but by episode 3, he already has a lovey dovey relationship where the girl dies and the one survivor of his guild commits suicide. At this rate, it wouldn’t be surprising if he turned out to be a half-elf/half-vampire/half-werewolf with sun & silver immunity and who sparkles during a full moon.

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