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Doctor Who (2005) Season 9 Episode 1: The Magician’s Apprentice

September 23, 2015


So Landon doesn’t watch Doctor Who, but I do, and I wanna talk about this episode because it’s really rather decent. Mild spoilers after the jump.

I might even call it good, except by the end it’s sort of super predictable if you’ve been subject to the lead writer dude’s style. Nonetheless, it’s quite intense and I gotta say, I love how the Doctor’s apparently keeping in character with the Daleks being the one race he can’t be nice to.

One problem though. Just, one… Jenna Coleman’s Clara Oswald.

Fuck. YOU. Clara cunty Oswald.

FUCK you, you cunty bitch.

The only good thing about her is the abuse that Missy hurls on her. Otherwise, Clara is an insufferable cunt. Every action taken, every word spoken; is asinine. The early part of the episode has her being this massive cunt who refused to even try to help by calling the Doctor, despite the situation clearly requiring his attention. And it’s done in a way where we’re expected to cheer for her “sassiness” but again, she just comes off as a colossal cunt because people’s LIVES are on the fucking line! Then, knowing that a certain person is thinking he’s gonna die, she chucklingly asked “Which one of us is dying?”. I mean, duuuuuuude.

The Clara segments are entirely saved by Missy, who administers a BURN so sick on Clara, she’s gonna need a Doctor.

The last season killed my interest in Doctor Who. I only knew this episode was up due to a fellow fan. Last season was fucking terrible, primarily because it was the Clara show as opposed to being Doctor Who. But this season premiere’s pretty solid. Hopefully the season as a whole will be good.

P.S. They out-Voldemorted Voldemort.

P.P.S. I dig the Doctor’s David Copperfield hair. Very Magician-esque.

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