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Ultimate Girls #4 – #6

September 13, 2015


Man, I need to know what time the day changes, otherwise, I end up doing more than one post a day, and that’s a no-no. That implies extra effort, which implies lack of slacking.

Ultimate Girls continues to hold up. I’m reminded of one of my all time fave gags in the Ecchi Monster bit and y’know wut? My memory’s apparently hazy because this show’s not nearly as naughty as I remember. Also, while I’m not a huge fan of Tsukiyomi: Moon Phase, I did find the main girl cute (at least until I dropped the show) and UG’s reference to it remains awesome to this day.

Especially since it arguably did it BETTER-nyan.

So yeah, if you haven’t watched this yet, go ahead and watch Ultimate Girls, it’s still endearing and I dare say, it’s cleansing me of modern moe.

Also, Vivi is best Ultimate Girl… apparently (because it’s true?).

For my next post, I’ll talk about something none of y’all are interested in, thereby losing any readers we got from that K-On! post.

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