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September 11, 2015


I make no bones about what a steaming shitty puddle of diarrhea K-On!! is. Perhaps we can’t blame it for all the crappy series that came out alongside it but its popularity perpetuated a legacy of shitty “cake eating, nothing happening (in a fucking BORING way), sorry excuse for moe” anime that persist to this day. It’s gotten even worse as not only had K-On!! contributed to the existence of such inane banality, but it also influenced anime to adopt the “K-On Face” as a standard. Even when that art style completely undermines the theme of the show. Like, take the design of the girls in GATE for instance and note how they simply don’t fit into the entire fucking feel of the show. Or that scene with the hard ass minister woman, who in the manga was a middle aged woman with a gossiping housewife kinda look but in the anime, is some fresh faced hot 20-something. Art-style and designs have to match characters, just as voices have to match them as well.

So… I should imagine that it’s perhaps a tad surprising that I’d recommend the first season of K-On! (with only one exclamation mark), as the third of my current recommendations.

See, here’s the thang, it’s not like I hate mainstream or moe or whatever. I actually dig all that stuff. It just has to not be a brain-deadening BORING pile of shit covered half eaten maggots. So long as it’s at least not that, I’d give it a fair shot.

And the original season of K-On! was far from that. It was actually quite good. It wasn’t great, but it was hardly bad. I described it as Azumanga Daioh (TV) without the bite. Which admittedly, made it so Landon didn’t watch it. And then he gave it a shot starting with the second season, which was, as we’ve established, a miserable, vomitous mass of a warthog faced buffoon of an anime.

Anyways, yeah, season 1 was pretty good actually. It even had a DMC joke, which was a major plus. The stories focused more on Yui slacking off rather than everyone eating goddamn fucking cake. Mio was actually “moe”, but it developed over the season rather than the manufactured moe that plagues us to this day. You saw the characters actually sorta progressing over the season and by the end of the season, there was a definite growth from the Yui at the start of the season and at the end, illustrated by the obvious yet effective montage of her rushing to her destination.

Oh, and of course, the music was hyper ear wormy. I was resistant to liking it at first, but I eventually had to crumble, as it was so darn fun and catchy. Which is another sin of season 2 for having such substandard music. It wouldn’t be a sin if they were simply not as good or catchy, but it was a sin because they missed the point of why the first season’s songs were good. Instead they focused on the “subject” of the songs rather than the spirit of it. Which is pretty much what’s wrong with the second season on a whole, now that I think about it. It’s like a sitcom trying to rip off Seinfeld, and the guys making it heard that Seinfeld’s about nothing, so they make a show entirely focused on that “nothing” while ignoring the charisma of the actors, dialogue, wit, character interaction, comedic-fucking-timing and just about everything else that made Seinfeld work.

So yeah, I guess I’d call Ultimate Girls, Busou Shinki (TV) and K-On! my “Guilty Pleasure” series? I don’t really feel guilt about the first 2 though. So whatevs.

Edit: I just took a look at the Anime I Fucking Hate post I apparently did and I’m glad to see that my opinions regarding this show has been consistent.

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  1. El Goopo permalink
    September 12, 2015 4:20 PM

    Heh. Here you go, rage a little:

    • September 12, 2015 9:41 PM

      Well, I should probably have read that before approving. Just to make sure it wasn’t spam mind you. We here at MG are open to differing views.

      Anyway, I just read the article. It was good. I was expecting it to Hate-On!! K-On!! but apparently it wasn’t. I’m down with that though. The article’s intelligently written and makes some fair points. I personally prefer season 1 to season 2 but I know there are those who prefer season 2. I got a buddy who’s a big fan of Azu-nyan.

      I guess I might seem flip floppy because I don’t insta-rage on K-On!!? The thing is, much like cartoons, I’ve seen far worst crap than K-On!!. The show itself was okay, perhaps even excellent on a technical level. If we’re talking pure quality, it’s not technically bad on a technical level. Much like Legend of Korra is “technically” excellent on a purely technical level.

      My beef with K-On!! is simply that it’s the poster child of what came after it. It’s more about what it represents and promoted through its success more than what it did wrong personally. Like, I don’t have beef with Jesus. Turning water into wine is a’ight yo. But I object to the whole book burning thing that came outta it.

      That said, I’d still recommend other shows before K-On!!. It might not be the worst show ever but it’s still very much mediocre (which doesn’t mean it’s BAD, simply middling). Unless you’re specifically looking for the feeling/emotions a show like K-On!! induces. In which case, sure, it’s arguably one of the better of it’s type.

    • September 12, 2015 9:47 PM

      Also, saw your reply to that post. I gotta agree with ya.

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