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Overlord #10

September 10, 2015


Lupusregina is so honest…

Welp, Overlord #10 continues the trend of being pretty decent. I was afraid we’d go back to an episode or two of inactivity but pleasantly, we’re presented with a bit of action and family fun murder.

I read that some have complained that this episode covers several chapters from the light novel, but I personally approve of that if it meant a tighter pacing. I mean, pacing isn’t merely a matter of whether stuff is happening slow or fast. A show can be slow but still have good pacing, since it’s more about having things that keep the viewer intrigued. This episode really needed to at least cover why/where Shalltear revolted. So if that meant speeding through the killing of mooks, I’m fine with that.

So far, Overlord is maintaining its “mildly recommended” status. The hope is that it’ll graduate to “strongly recommended” by the end of its run.

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