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Handy Anime Recommendation of the Day: Busou Shinki (TV)

September 9, 2015


Well now, after yesterday’s naughtiness, let’s go for something a lil’ more tame. Today’s HARD is Busou Shinki (TV).

So in 2012, Busou Shinki aired. The show’s a slice of life akin to Bottle Fairies, where we see the misadventures of tiny little girls while their owner/master/sensei-san is out for the day. Only instead of tiny retarded fairies, we have tiny retarded robots based on Konami’s Busou Shinki toyline. Not only that, but the main girls are all based on exclusive/rare/super expensive figures from the toyline’s lineup. But the show has plenty of guest stars in the form of the other girls from the toyline.

In other words, this was nothing more than a heartless cash grab/thinly veiled advertising campaign… well, except they already nixed the line like, a year before the show actually aired. And after the show, Busou Shinki had renewed interest… but still no new toyline, so prices skyrocketed on the secondary market. At the time, the USD was weak while the Yen was strong (as opposed to how it is right now). So yeah, don’t think of Busou Shinki as a case of corporate greed, think of it as a “fuck you” to the loyal fans/collectors who stuck with the product.

From that point of view, I love this series even more!

Mostly because I’m a bit of a schadenfreude kinda guy.

But back to the show itself. Unlike Read or Die, you’ll want to go for the TV series and not the OVA that came before it. As said above, the show’s basically a slice of life akin to Bottle Fairies. It takes a few episodes to hit its stride. Episode 3 was a lame fanservice ep. But after that, it becomes a really solid show with nary any fanservice (note that I said nary).

Best ep was of course, the Wacky Races episode. That’s not a spoiler because the Wacky Races episode is invariably the best episode of any series that employs it.

Spoiler: My next HARD may be a bit of a surprising choice.


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