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Anime Recommendation of the Day: Ultimate Girls

September 8, 2015


So I’m trying to do these sets of 3 (mostly anime) recommendations, hopefully on a nigh daily basis in between other anime and assorted posts. Each set meant for either a particular audience or meant to compliment each other or following some theme.

Our first set of RoD/Ryoko/Panda-Z was meant as an introduction to anime for the uninitiated. They weren’t particularly “heavy”, covered a fairly wide scope, wasn’t stuff like Dragonball Z or K-On!! which promoted terrible terrible expectations and they had awesome music to tie ’em all together.

But in case you guys think we here at Mecha Guignol only like hoity toity snobby stuff or the anime equivalent of euro-trash, this upcoming set will be far less filled with taste. Not tasteless; they’ll just have no taste. This stuff is TRASH. Not trashy but TRASH. It is GARBAGE. Buuuuut this is the kind of stuff I like.

I considered doing a “balanced” set of recommendations by starting this off with Cowboy Bebop, but naw, I’mma just gonna start off with the unabashedly unapolegetic… Ultimate Girls.

Aired in 2005, produced by the Masters of Entertaining (M.O.E.), Ultimate Girls mixed Ultraman with shameless moe. This was the “good” sort of moe. I mean, there are lots of different types of moe. There’s fanservicey moe and there’s pure-virginal moe. Alas, that latter form has been corrupted into this legitimately creepy mouth-breathing neck-bearding voyeuristic moe that we’re currently stuck with. Stuff like the sequel seasons to Bakemonogatari and to a degree, that Fate/kaleid thing going on. Or hell, like that recent-ish Monster Musume scene where the harpy girl gave the main guy a public ice cream blow job and we’re expected to accept that she’s “ignorant” or “innocent” of the fanservice.

So no, Ultimate Girls isn’t a corrupted form of pure-virginal moe. It’s strictly of the fanservice variety and it doesn’t force you into the role of a sick pervert. Instead, it presents you with a cornucopia of sick perversions. It invites you to partake in its offerings. It knows it is a whorehouse of moe fetishism and doesn’t try to market itself as an “escort service”.

I mean, the transformation sequence is a bukkake! They’re not trying to be subtle here peeps. But they’re fun! That’s right. Bukkakes on a girl with somewhat loli features should be fun! They shouldn’t make you feel like you’re a sicko (even though you ARE, it just shouldn’t make you feel that you are).

So yeah, Ultimate Girls. It’s a fun, funny, fanservicey series that you’re a sicko if you watch it, but at least it doesn’t make you a sicko BY watching it.

Also, the commentator dude’s sex jokes are instantly better than the ones in Shimoneta because of how shameless they are. The sex jokes in Shimoneta are of course, amusingly censored and translated with bad puns, BUT that’s not the issue. The issue is… well, it’s like that scene in Paul where the Amish-y girl starts swearing for the first time and at first it was just random curse words. But there has to be a flow and appropriateness to this kinda thing. The commentator guy in Ultimate Girls gets it right because of what a dirty old man he is.

So yeah, ranting aside, because I don’t wanna spoil the plot but I gotta talk about something… though to be fair, it’s not like UG has a whole lot of plot. But yeah, be dirty and go watch Ultimate Girls (as opposed to being dirty because you watched it).

Edit: Here’s a link that currently doesn’t work but should in a couple days.

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  1. preytorsanime permalink
    September 9, 2015 3:37 AM

    Sounds really fun(especially the transformation sequence) but I will have to watch it after the ultraman collection I ordered a couple of days ago arrives and I go through it.It’s probably going to be more fun If I can actually understand all the references in the anime.


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