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Shimoneta #10

September 7, 2015

Shimoneta - 10z

I find I can’t even be bothered to watch the last 2 episodes of Shimoneta. Series dropped.

To be fair, I skimmed the latest episode but yeah, it’s not doing it for me anymore. A lot of these comedic shows do tend to shift to a more dramatic tone toward the end of the season/cour, but that’s not quite what’s happening here.

Basically, it turns out the main reason I watch this is to see female on male attempted/sorta successful rape? Basically, I’m here mostly for Anna.

The main girl’s sex jokes were seldom funny, if only because of the language barrier. But the absurd setting kept the early Shimoneta episodes intriguing and then once Anna became a focus, the show became even more absurd and something I looked forward to every week.

But then it sorta had nowhere to go with Anna. It could have just stretched that one joke out for an entire season and I’d be fine with it but no, it introduced a new character named Kosuri who is as bland and boring as the main girl herself. Now, ordinarily, the main girl doesn’t even appear that much, so that sort of enhances the show by having a lame portion but not really focusing on it, so it makes the cool bits stand out more. But now with the new character, the lameness factor has slightly more than doubled and they’ve exponentialized each other.

Now Anna, the most absurd and entertaining part of the show, is barely around outside a cameo and really, they’re just not giving us interactions between characters who’d actually make the show not suck. Like that monitor assigned to the school. She’d have been an interesting character to interact with the rest of the cast.

Instead, we get boring, banal, fucking lame (and somewhat annoying) Kosuri.

Should you guys drop the show? Probably not. We’re so close to the end that you might as well finish it up. It’s not that the show’s gotten bad per se. And it might get awesome toward the end. But I’m just not inclined to stick around and find out for myself. Perhaps I’ll revisit it some day, but that day, is not today.

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  1. GuyJodoin_thedudefromTV permalink
    October 5, 2015 7:41 PM

    It remains boring and has a really tame final. So you choose well. Also we barely see any new Anna stuff outside of the last episode which is more of an extra episode so you can watch it directly if you really want to.

    • October 5, 2015 8:07 PM

      Welp, thanks for telling me. So that saves me about 40 minutes I can spend playing more Hearthstone.

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