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September 7, 2015

Ordinarily I’m not particularly keen on anime adaptations of manga but not this year. We’ve had GATE and Overlord and now, finally, Onepunch-Man gets the animated treatment.

OPM’s the story of this guy who wanted to be a superhero so strong, he could take out any villain with just one punch, man. As we enter the story, his wish has come true and we see the consequences of said wish (mind numbing boredom). Anyways, it’s based on a gag manga based on a super crappily drawn webmanga. Apparently, the manga guy asked to re-do/re-draw the webmanga guy’s comic and said manga guy is the dude who did Eyeshield 21. So his version is super pretty.

I’ve been looking forward to this adaptation. Not so much because I wanted to see this story animated but because I was curious on how they’d handle it. Would they have crappy animation or blow the budget? Apparently the latter and I dig dat. In fact, they even go a little further. The first chapter featured a giant monster that looked suspiciously like Piccolo from Dragonball. The anime goes one further by having him shoot ki blasts and then had him power up into some eldritch monster.

Oh, and speaking of references, the second chapter featured another giant who looked suspiciously like a titan from Attack on Titan. It’s a little less obvious here but there are some definite references and they’ve really ramped out the size of the giant.

Since it’s based on a gag manga, I was also curious with how they’d do the pacing. The gag/joke of this series tends to be “build up something for an entire chapter or over the course of many chapters, then have OPM anti-climatically end it all with just one punch (that’s a spoiler by the way).

Fortunately, they decided not to draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag out the episode. Instead, each chapter is dealt with within a reasonable time frame.

But despite that, there’s plenty of pretty action in the episode. Hopefully that’ll get maintained throughout the series. If so, OPM has the potential to be the Sabagebu! of this season. Maybe even the Ben-To of the season.

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