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Overlord #9

September 3, 2015


So Overlord’s shaping up to be a pretty decent anime.

I mean, I’m not saying it’s GREAT or even all that good. But it’s shaping up to be decent.

The thing with Overlord is that while not every episode is awesome, it has a few peaks and it doesn’t dip too much. It started off really meh, got a bit better, maintained that level, then got a little better again and then maintained that level and as of episode 9, got a bit better again. The dips in quality mostly has to do with the pacing. Episode 7 for instance, was wholly unnecessary. It wasn’t a bad episode per se but they already raised all the minor characters’ death flags in episode 6. Episode 7 was just hammering additional nails to the coffin. I guess they just REALLY wanted people to know that these side characters are going to DIE.

But yeah, Overlord could do with a little streamlining but on the whole, it’s gone from meh to somewhat decent. Episode 9, as mentioned, is another peak in the series that finally sends it into the “overall decent” category. Hopefully, the series will have enough noteworthy events to maintain it’s decency for its entire run. Who knows, it might even become overall “good”.

So yeah, as of episode 9, I can finally recommend Overlord.

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