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Gate #9

August 30, 2015

Sigh… yeah, sadly, dropping this show now. It did well up to episode #6 or #7. So watch it up to there. We’re at the weakest stretch of the series in terms of source material and alas, the anime not only wasn’t able to improve on it but is actually worst because for some reason, they seem to be following a policy of not depicting anything that was already depicted in the manga version. So we’re getting HUGE swaths of content cut out for no goddamn reason. As a result, there’s no narrative sense.

Now, as I said, this is the weakest portion in terms of the source material. So in a couple weeks, we’ll go back to the more interesting bits. But between this odd policy to not show anything that was already shown in the manga and the aversion to gore/rape/sex, I just don’t predict that there’s going to be any “hook” left to the series.

Just treat GATE as some sorta 6 episode OVA and you’ll be fine. Don’t bother watching anything beyond that.

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