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Hasbro Transformers Generations Voyager Brainstorm

August 21, 2015


So I wanted to make a post that I intend to write on a wide variety of stuff for Mecha Guignol. But I didn’t wanna make more than one post per day. So yeah, I’ve been meaning to write on movies, live action and of course, anime that I’ve recently watched. But I also wanted to pepper in some toy reviews. Welp, as it so happened, I recently, finally pulled the trigger and ordered a replacement for my broken camera and not only did that arrive earlier than expected, I just so happened to make a toy purchase today. I wanted to stick to more anime-y/Japanese-y stuff but whatevs, fate says I should do an Americano toy review, so here goes. Brainstorm, a “voyager” sized toy from Hasbro’s Transformers’ Generations toyline.


But before we talk about the toy, let’s talk a bit about the character. In season 4 of the original Transformers cartoon, albeit a season that only lasted 3 episodes, Brainstorm was a somewhat significant character. He was the one who suggested that Transformers should partner up with humans to improve their effectiveness. Aaaand that was pretty much all he did. His idea would later be used by both the good guys and bad guys, thereby resulting in a new subgroup called “Headmasters”, whereby a humanoid would form the head of a Transformer whilst the Transformer would transfer his consciousness to the body itself. Brainstorm would become an even more minor character in the Japanese version of season 4, which ignored the US version entirely. Instead, “Headmasters” were just small Transformers who transformed into the heads of their non-sentient transforming bodies. So you had Transformers in your Transformers, dawg. The Japanese Headmaster show was a full season… of crap. Sooooo much crap. It was aaaaaawful. Anyways, the third version of Brainstorm (ignoring the old comics version) is the new comics version from IDW comics. I won’t go into detail on this version of Brainstorm because while he’s still generally a minor side character, his comic has its fair share of convolutedness.

So yeah, talked a bit too much on the character, let’s talk aboot the toy itself eh?


Appearance-wise, Brainstorm is brilliant in robot mode. I mean, look at him, this is one good looking robot design. He has a good balance of “real robot”, “super robot” and “edgy cool robot as designed by a 7 year old”. This guy could fit right into a Brave Series show.

Articulation-wise, he’s got most of the major points and is basically a highly poseable figure. Really, the only thing missing would be a waist or some sort of torso joint. But given the character design, that’s understandable. Otherwise, he’s got universal shoulders and hips. The knees and elbows bend, with the latter being double-jointed. Both biceps and thighs swivel and he’s got a ball-jointed neck. Perhaps most impressively is that his side skirts and crotch plate are hinged so they can move out of the way for his legs, which is something you don’t see in Transformers too much. Gundams, yes. Transformers, not often. He’s also got fantastic feet. They move up and down but the most impressive thing is that they also pivot, so that you can adjust them for balance or just to stand flat footed. These pivoting ankles are entirely there for articulation purposes and are not as the result of his transformation, which is again, a rare thing for Transformers. His huge clown feet also contribute to balance.


Vehicle-mode is similarly brilliant. He’s retro-cool, like a Star Wars Rebel Alliance fighter craft. One thing I like is that his landing gear isn’t a wheel but just a support stand. Because a lot of Transformers jets tend to have a wheel for no real reason. Like, it makes sense if they have working wheels so the toy could actually roll. But there’s plenty that just have a faux wheel instead. Brainstorm here, just doesn’t care. It’s a space plane and it knows it. The landing gear is entirely just a support stand.

Transformation is exceedingly simple and obvious. If you’re a long time collector of Transformers, this might be a strike against Brainstorm. They basically decided to go 2 out of 3 with Brainy by giving him strong robot and alt modes but keeping the transformation itself simple. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I’m fine with it in this case. But if you’re a long time Transformerser who’s expecting a challenge, you’re not finding it here.


Brainstorm also has the gimmick of being a Headmaster. That is, his head can turn into a tiny robot that can pilot the vehicle mode or, when you stick it on the main body, it’ll cause a stat-plate to flip down, displaying Brainstorm’s Speed, Strength and Intellect. The tiny robot is kinda dumpy. But it’s the thoughts that counts. It does have decent articulation for what it is though.

I’m meh on how tightly it attaches to the robot body though, as the fit is quite tight and I fear that repeated playing about with it might eventually see the plastic snapping. I’ve lubed the attachment point a bit with some shock oil, hopefully this’ll prevent possibly future breakage.

All in all, Brainstorm’s a really solid toy. He’s just a sorta generic but still super cool looking robot that both kid and adult collector alike can enjoy without having to be in the fandom. As of this writing, he should still be on store shelves. We’re nearing the end of the year now. He’s good for an early Xmas purchase.


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  1. preytorsanime permalink
    August 21, 2015 11:10 AM

    Hey updatedude,really great review.This is the first time I read one of your toy reviews and reading through this,your great love for toys is quite apparent and I would love to see some more of these reviews.Oh and you probably already know this but Transformers is inspired by a japanese toyline and many of the first designs were created by a japanese guyAlso while it was written in the U.S.A,it was animated in Japan so it could be considered anime-y/Japanese-y.

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