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Overlord #4 to #7

August 20, 2015


Oh, it seems I’ve been neglecting writing up on Overlord. Actually, I… (Jitsu wa watashi wa…) wanted to write about other stuff first. But there’s a prediction I wanna make about what’s gonna happen in episode #8, so I better do this catch up post with haste, post haste.

So first up, Overlord #4 to #7. So far, so good. It’s a nice fantasy story so far. The were 2 episodes were weak but Overlord’s been decent since #3. Nothing groundbreaking but it’s nice to see things from the perspective of monstrous characters who aren’t angsting. It’s kinda amusing that because we know how powerful the main character and his minions are, the regular humans seem almost comical in how they think the world/story revolves around them.

Speaking of regular humans, it seems our MC has teamed up with an avid assemble of adventuring adventurers. They have their personality quirks, relationships, backstory, motivation and even their own quests. One kid seems to be looking for a long lost sibling?

Yeah, here’s my prediction, which I’m surprised didn’t already happen in episode 7. These guys are sooooooooooooooooooo DEAD. Seriously, they’ve spent the last 2 or 3 episodes tripping every “death flag” short of “going back to their hometowns to get married”. Hell, one kid almost proposed to his childhood friend even. They’re all gonna get horribly murdered. Maaaybe one could survive? And maaaybe our main character would bring them back to life? But srsly, they DEAD.

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