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GATE #6 & #7

August 15, 2015


Just finished episode 7, so might as well talk GATE before anything else.

Episode 6 was pretty good. It’s the “Ride of the Valkyries” one where the JSDF’s air forces save the town of Italica from an army of bandits. It had a bunch of additional info that wasn’t present in the manga, like the death of Norma, one of Princess Pina’s knights. And we get a bit of dialogue from the leader of the bandits, explaining that these bandits are indeed soldiers who escaped the massacre of Alnus Hill and have turned to banditry.

The actual JSDF involvement was short but sweet. In some ways it was better than the manga in others, it was not. Given the anime format, I think it pulled the scene off really well, but I’m not a fan of this whole thing where they’re intentionally leaving out parts that were already depicted in the manga. It’s not such a big deal in this episode, but it’s a major factor in the proceeding episode.

So yeah, up to episode 6, GATE’s ranged from good to somewhat acceptable to pretty good. Much like the manga really.

As for episode 7, it’s a major DUD. It cut out sooooooo many effin’ scenes and monologues. At least episode 6 touched on or acknowledged some of the bits cut out from the manga version. But episode 7 cuts out major amounts of info for no apparent reason other than it was already depicted in the manga, and that’s laaaaaaaaaaame. Perhaps the worst cutout was a brief but important conversation between the Princess and Leilei. The Princess saw that the JSDF soldiers all had “magic wands”. When she realized that anyone could use these “magic wands”, she mused that if the Empire was able to procure a cache of these weapons, they could win against the JSDF. Leilei, guessing what the Princess was thinking, cut in and said it wouldn’t matter because if those “magic wands” were “light” weapons… cue tanks passing by… the JSDF also had “heavy” weapons.

Why’s that scene so important? Because it’d cover up a LOT of loop holes. We look at our own history where technologically advance colonists have been beaten back by the “primitive” natives and say “See? Primitives can win. They just have to steal some guns. Rocks beat Lazers!”. But the setting in GATE has such an immense gap not just in technology but resources between the advance alien invaders and the primitive locals that just stealing a cache of guns really wouldn’t matter.

They alluded to it but that’s something that really oughto be spelt out so the viewing audience can get it in their heads that Japan ain’t losing to the NotRomans.

But overall, episode 7 was weak regardless. If it wasn’t going to delve into the technobabble, it could have focused more on the fanservice, but it skimmed over that too. So there’s just nothing redeeming about this ep for any demographic. And you know what? This might have been acceptable as a transition ep if nothing else, but this series is apparently going to be a full 26 episodes season, so skipping all that content simply because they were already depicted in the manga’s pointless.

From this point out, I have no idea how GATE is gonna go. I know the upcoming story arch’s a major let down in the manga version. In fact, I’d say it’s the worst effin’ stretch in the series. However, part of that is because it felt like they really skimmed on details. So maybe the anime will be better. I certainly hope so. If the anime can make the upcoming story arch decent… heck, if it can make it GOOD, then the rest of the series should be overall acceptable. If it botches that, then even if the rest of the series is decent, it’d probably be overall uuuuuuuuuuuunacceeeeeeeeptaaaaaaaaaaaaaable!

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