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GATE #4, Shimoneta #3 & #4

July 29, 2015


The bad, the good and the rapey.

I made a flub with GATE #4, I watched it with my foreknowledge in mind. As a result, I can’t tell if the episode’s bad or mediocre. I filled too many holes with my foreknowledge and thus, was unable to get an objective first impression. It’s kinda like having read Lord of the Rings and being forgiving of the movie because it implied a bunch of offscreen detail, even if the onscreen stuff might be a tad lacking. That said, this probably wasn’t the best ep of GATE regardless. Next ep will be the Italica arc though. I can see it being 1 or 2 episodes with maybe a third episode for the aftermath. So the next couple eps of GATE are critical. GATE has like, two “You had ONE job” moments/scenes. They pulled off the battle of Alnus Hill splendidly. The second “ONE job” is coming up. If they do it right, I’ll forgive this series even if the rest of the season is crap. I might not watch it if it goes to crap but I’ll forgive the series as a whole.

Shimoneta #2 was much like #1, so I had little interest in #3. It’s not that the first or second eps were bad, I just thought they were gonna repeat that one joke. But happily, episode #3 proved me wrong. The first half was perhaps as good but samey as I thought it’d be, but by the end, it shook up all the dynamics previously set up. #4’s a continuation/aftermath of that shake up and I like it. Rape is always a good thing and male rape doubly so. Tripply so if it’s hetero.

Sorry, I didn’t mean rape, I meant to say “unwilling sperm donation”.

#4’s ending was also quite interesting. At first I thought they might turn the baggy eyed science chick into some sort of villain but then they turned around and showed us how “broken” our current antagonist is.

Between Shimoneta and Jitsu wa Watashi wa, this is probably the most pleasantly surprising season of anime for me in quite some time.

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