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Anime Round Up

July 23, 2015


I’ve been keeping up with anime again lately, but for whatever reason (mostly Terraria, Hearthstone and recently Clicker Heroes), I just haven’t got around to posting. So here comes some quick(ish) thoughts on what I’ve been watching so far.

Overlord #3
Where Gate #3 began to falter, Overlord #3 is where it finally got good/decent. The first couple eps were meh but this ep’s quite acceptable and it covers details not noted in the manga. For instance, why the player doesn’t just “Phoenix Down” some slain villagers (spoiler: some villagers got slain).

Shimoneta #2
If you’ve seen ep 1, you’ve pretty much seen ep 2. But ep 1 had a bit of a shock value to it I guess? Not a bad show per se but while solid, I’m not yet finding myself particularly engrossed yet.

Jitsu wa Watashi wa #1, #2 & #3
The manga looked interesting but I could never get pass the first chapter. The first episode is much the same, but in anime form, it’s a tad more palatable. Since I needed to let some time pass while Clicker Heroes racked me up some virtual gold, I went and watched episode 2, which totally saves this series. It does what the second episode of Shimoneta did not, it rocked the boat. So yeah, so far, I like this show. I’d probably follow it. It’s kinda like Shimoneta in that it’s a series you’d watch for fun/amusement, but the premise of Jitsuwawawa simply lends itself better for varierty, whereas Shimoneta’s been one note so far.

Bikini Warriors #2 & #3
The show delves way more into the Dragon Quest parody with these 2 eps, and I like it. I thought the show would be one note from the pilot, but since they’re exploring DQ tropes, there might be enough material to justify a full cour here.

Kamen Rider Drive #37
Eh, it’s Drive. Not a show I’d recommend to get INTO Kamen Rider, but it’s not a bad time waster.

Classroom Crisis #3
I like it. The subs on the version I got was rather crappy. But I got the gist of things. It’s a show about a bunch of talented and consequently, eccentric students and their loser homeroom teacher. Blah blah blah, stuff happens and our main girl is apparently a Rei clone. She’s Rei only on the outside though. On the inside, she’s just as “baka” as their homeroom teacher.

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