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July 11, 2015


I literally teared up in joy at the horrific murder. Technology banzai!

So I haven’t been posting much on other shows this season because I just couldn’t even finish the episodes. But now GATE #2’s dropped and I’m high on anime again.

Personally, I think the anime is explaining things much better than the manga. Like, in the manga they focused more on the decadent lifestyle of the emperor, to illustrate how little shit he gives regarding the well-being of his people. Here we see the more political side of things, wherein he protects his political standing by basically sacrificing 60,000 men. Which also has the bonus of weakening the empire’s vassal states, thereby reducing the risk of rebellion. They also explain why other nations are not outright invading Japan for control of the Gate.

It’s all done in a very throw away line fashion, but it works. There’s no need for a debate for every little minutia. We don’t need to have a detailed budget report on why the Japanese are using relatively old weapons stock.

And of course, the battle was shown in more detail. And what a beautiful battle it was. The manga skipped the details in favor of retelling it in a flashback later on, but it makes sense to tell it here now due to the change in medium from manga to anime. THIS is how you retell a story in anime form. You don’t fucking stretch every chapter into a full episode. You don’t do a straight transference from one medium to another. You expand and contract and move around as appropriate for the medium. You do an ADAPTation.

So yeah, I guess nothing actually happens in this ep either but it’s not a bad sort of nothing. This series was adapted from a light novel series, and it certainly feels more like a chapter of a novel rather than a chapter of a manga.

Also, this show is apparently banking on Trump winning the presidency… and getting hair plugs.

Addendum: It seems they’re being generally serious so far. I wonder if we’ll get more humor later on? The manga swung wildly between gritty and rapey to light hearted and back again. For instance, it’s actually their fault the elf got KOed. Aaaaalso, I like how they’re using discretion shots for the gore.

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