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Little Witch Academia (2): The Enchanted Parade & someothershow

July 6, 2015


Don’t wanna spend too long talking about these two shows. So let’s not even have a “jump”.

Little Witch Academia: The Enchanted Parade is a worthy successor to Little Witch Academia and you should watch it.

I’m not quite sure how to rank it though. Much like how the first LWA felt like season 1 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic in that it’s a “pure” piece of animation, Enchanted Parade feels like a season 2 or 3 of MLP:FiM. It’s still grounded in being just plain good but it also has this feel of “Oh, we have fans? Well, we love our fans!”. Which isn’t a bad thing, just not necessarily great either?

Regardless, I have 3 things to say in closing. 1) Go watch Enchanted Parade (unless you haven’t watch the original LWA, in which case, watch that first). 2) Of the original coven, Sucy is still best pony. 3) There’s a Rarity pony doll in the background of a scene. As of this writing, that Rarity now has more screen time/relevance than the actual Rarity in season 5 of MLP:FiM.

Dragonball Super #1
The other show I wanted to talk about is Dragonball Super. Which is a weird show. It’s a continuation of the original manga/anime and it wants to have the same feel. So it has this weird 80s kids anime feel. It’s more like the original Dragonball or Doraemon than Dragonball Z. Outside of setting up the current relationships, the main story is about a misadventure kid Trunks and Goten have.

It’s interesting but I’m not sure I’d recommend it to people outside its demographics. That is to say, I’d recommend it to boys 6 and up and I’d recommend it to people who were fans of the Dragonball Z anime. I mean, damn, if you were able to tolerate THAT show, you can tolerate this one.

But your regular anime viewer with no connection to the franchise might want to just skip it in favor of other shows.

Oh, and the best bit is how Goku got a regular job and he’s so fucking bored out of his fucking mind that he’s just an opened mouth zombie while doing it.

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  1. July 17, 2015 1:39 AM

    I agree with you on LWA2. Somehow, it just didn’t have that fresh, exciting feel that the first one had. The novelty wore off, I guess. That, and the plot was just sorta “meh.” They shoulda focused on something other than friendship struggles and shit like that glasses girl revealing her singing talent. I get that from MLP and the ponies are a little bit more interesting than these witches. Also, LWA is lacking in lesbian undertones.

    I also felt like it wanted to be a movie, but it had to restrict itself to the running time and production values of an OVA. It felt very much like a sequel (that isn’t as good as the original). But, overall, I did enjoy it.

    Also, DBSuper was super… boring. Hard to believe I ever actually liked DB. But that was when I didn’t even know what “anime” was.

    • July 17, 2015 2:51 AM

      LWA2’s arguably “better” and it isn’t totally devoid of charm, but yeah, it isn’t as pure a celebration of animation as the first one. It felt more fan-friendly than just doing its own thing for the sake of doing its own thing.

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