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July 5, 2015


I’ve been behind on my anime lately. Hell, I’m even behind on Ninja Slayer. But 2 of my most anticipated anime just dropped. Little Witch Academia: The Enchanted Parade, I couldn’t not watch. And well, once that got me all high on Japanese animation again, it was time to watch GATE. I’ve re-read a lot of the GATE manga, much as I’d re-read a lot of novels I like. And I was worried that the anime just wasn’t going to hook me in because I’ve already read the manga. That’s happened to me quite a few times in the past actually.

But GATE pulled it off. The series is based on some series of Light Novels apparently and it seems the anime is focusing on things that the manga skimmed over. So a lot of the stuff in this episode was new to me.

For instance, they really push the fact that the main guy’s an otaku. In the manga, they just casually mentioned it early on and then everyone gave him flak for it, but here we’re shown why he gets so much flak. They also showed off a lot of the initial Ginza invasion/raid and there’s a really defining moment there that automatically makes GATE at least worth giving a try. And I’mma gonna spoil it now.

At one point, one of the invaders get knocked to the ground. He gets up, pulls out his knife and rushes at some innocent. The main dude jumps in, martial arts the guy down and then… picks up the knife and kills the invader. It’s not as “edgy” as my description/spoiler makes it sound. It’s just that that scene lets us know that this guy isn’t the same fucking lame-ass loser beta male main character we usually get. Just that alone makes this show at least worth giving a chance.

Of course, a lot of people on the internet focus on the military aspect of this show. But that’s because it’s the internet, so they’re fucking moronic idjits. I mean, yes, the Japanese military are gonna be a huge deal. But that’s like bitching that there were too many Vietnamese or American soldiers in Good Morning, Vietnam. It’s the fucking premise/setting! It’s one thing to criticize that the US military are too prominent in a Transformers movie, because by the title of the movie alone, one would think that the Transformers and a select few humans should be the focus. Not the military per se. But for something like Good Morning, Vietnam or in this case, GATE? It’s retarded to ignore all other aspects of the series.

Anyway, apologies for ranting but I just wanted to get that part out of the way. Who know? The anime could be so pro-Japanese military that it becomes a legitimate criticism towards the quality of the show. I’m just saying, don’t be a dunderhead by focusing on an at current, non-issue.

So yeah, the first episode of GATE, it’s good. It really builds up the anticipation. If you don’t know anything about this series, it’s quite intriguing so far. Hell, I’ve read the manga and I still wanna see what happens in episode 2. Hopefully they won’t skim too much. My only real complaint is that they had the main character have a vision of the chicks he’s gonna meet later on in the show. I can see why they stuck that scene in. It woulda been a pure sausage fest without it. But still, I coulda done without it.

GATE’s worth watching up to episode 2 at least.

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  1. preytorsanime permalink
    July 5, 2015 9:45 AM

    So Gate is actually good?I was planning on completely skipping the series since it doesn’t really seem like my kind of thing but if you say that it is intriguing I will at least give the first episode a try.Oh, by the way,are you going to write your opinion on the rest of the anime coming out this season?

    • July 5, 2015 10:20 AM

      Thanks for reading.

      GATE’s surprisingly intriguing. I’m biased to the series and the truth is, I have no idea how it’d translate to anime form. It could just as well bomb once we get deeper into the show. But this first ep’s surprisingly intriguing. I think it’s just been such a hella long time that I’ve encountered an anime that’s actually trying to build anticipation that I’m liking this as much as I am. I mean, compare to say, Arslan Senki’s first episode where there was basically no tension? Yeah, GATE is probably worth at least the first 2 episodes. Can’t say more beyond that.

      I’ll try my best to do the other shows of the season. LWA just invigorated me on anime and I even just finished watching Dragonball Super. As far as catching up goes, I’d probably just catch up on Ninja Slayer and that’s it. Maybe Etotama if I’m not burned out.

      Will probably catch Working!!!.

      • preytorsanime permalink
        July 5, 2015 12:10 PM

        Just finished watching Gate and I must say that I am glad I didn’t skip it.Sure it does not have a very original plot which is something that I usually want out of a series,but it was well made enough to catch my interest and I really dug the main character.
        So thanks for letting me know that this was a good series because from what I had heard,I thought that this was going to be an anime whose sole purpose is to lick the Japanese military’s ass and at least from the first episode,as you have mentioned,it is nothing like that.

        • July 6, 2015 2:07 AM

          Yeah, it’s not that it’s a GREAT show so far but it’s been decent and at least it’s a bit different. Hopefully it’ll stay decent.

          It’s not so much the plot as the setting that I like. A lot of shows have fantastic premises but then focus on their utterly mindbogglingly uncharismatic main characters and their inane tween drama. Not to say GATE doesn’t have its share of first world problems. And it might well turn into a military recruitment ad for all I know.

          I’ve just always liked “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court” and lament on the general lack of good use of that premise. Hopefully GATE will remedy that.

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