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Kamen Rider Black #35

June 18, 2015


Super special post edition. When I was a kid, I was awful at a certain language. As a result, I was always near the bottom of the barrel, except for Math and English, because neither were reliant on said language. I wanted to improve my proficiency though, so I watched the local dub of Space Sheriff Gavan and Kamen Rider Black.

Here’s the thing with Black. It probably shaped my entire view on fiction. For the entirety of the series, the good guy won by protecting a certain girl, thereby preventing the resurrection/awakening of a certain bad guy. My memory’s hazy but I think the bad guys finally managed to kidnap that girl and drained her life force or something. Kamen Rider Black managed to rescue her before the big bad guy was revived but the “generals” of the bad guys donated their own life force to complete the process, thereby awakening the bad guy. And the episode ended with what would turn out to be a really iconic appearance by said bad guy.

And that’s where I ended watching that show. For years, I thought the series ended with the emergence of the bad guy. It was the first time I encountered the bad guys WINNING because they’ve accomplished their objective. I also always presumed they were gonna hold onto power rather than work to bring about their king; so it was also my introduction to cultist/fanatic loyalty.

Well, I was wrong. Apparently the show continued for quite a bit after that but luckily, I didn’t know that.

APPARENTLY, Kamen Rider Black episode 35 is the conclusion to a 2-parter that would culminate in that moment.

I’m gonna watch it now and post as I do. Let’s see if it holds up shall we?

The opening sequence is a whole lot cooler than I remember. I guess as a kid, I just thought it was a boring bike ride through town. It’s a lot cooler now that I appreciate the heroic-ness of the theme song.

Hmm, it seems the evil priests didn’t sacrifice their “life force” per se but the source of their powers of something. Also, we open up after a cliffhanger where our hero was apparently defeated. Spoiler: His secret identity’s revealed (I think).

Man, the acting here is so… 70s B-list TV series drama. It’s still cool but man…

On the other hand, they’re playing this straight. It’s not like in the original Power Rangers where it feels like you’re being talked down to.

Oh noes, guy-liners of EVIL.

Man, Kotaro blames Golgom for EVERYTHING.

I still love the Birugenia armor design.

Man, did Transformers: Masterforce just steal a bunch of the music from this?

Shadowmoon’s voice isn’t quite that impressive…

But yeah, the main events are as I remembered. Although it seems I stopped a minute or two before the episode actually ended.

Okay, done.

Well, as an episode, it’s fairly minimalistic. Although it does have a revelation or two. And some random chaos to keep the kiddies interested. The important thing is the debut of Shadowmoon and in that regard, it was done pretty damn well to perfection. I mean, putting aside that this is a kiddie show and we’re talking about a mid-80s TV show here, from a storytelling perspective, it was excellente.

I dunno if I’d recommend this as a standalone episode. Perhaps I’ll go back and watch the previous 2 or 3 episodes and recommend ’em as a sort of pseudo-movie. But whatever the case, this episode certainly has a finality to it, which probably explained why I thought it was the last episode when I was a kid (possibly the next week got pre-empted as well?).

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  1. preytorsanime permalink
    July 3, 2015 1:15 PM

    Hey updatedude,not that it has anything to do with this post but is there any chance that you are going to share your top 50 anime list with us?

    • July 5, 2015 10:24 AM

      Sorry for not answering you earlier. I’m probably not going to do a Top 50 in one go. But maybe I’d do a top whatever and add to it over time until it becomes a respectably high number. I also had this idea to do a “Recommendation for first anime” post. We’ll see if I get to it though.

      • preytorsanime permalink
        July 5, 2015 12:40 PM

        Great,can’t wait to see your top anime.And the ““Recommendation for first anime” post sounds like something really helpful for people that are trying to get someone into anime.The anime that I usually recommend to people that have never seen anime is Death Note.It is far from one of my favorite anime and I really can’t get all the fuzz about it but I think it is perfect for people that have never experience the medium before because it shows them that anime is not just for kids while still being lighthearted enough that it doesn’t throw most people off.It is also very similar to all the detective shows that people love on television so that is probably why most people I show it to seem to enjoy it.

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