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Garo: Gold Storm Shou #4

June 3, 2015

Well, I’ve been distracted by stuff to do this live-ish thingy but after a really long string of losses in Hearthstone, I need to relax with some violence and murder aimed for kids.

Well that’s a surprise, the hero suits up into Garo pretty early. Although the maneuver he used seemed overly complex to deal with mooks. AHAHA, and he gets called out for being too flashy by the local Makai Knight (at least I assume the dude’s a MK).

Well, that’s some Michael Bay level day to night transition.

Hmm, not much to say for this episode. Again, it’s another straightforward affair. This week’s victim is sort of interesting. At first he seemed like a regular vagabond with groan-worthy acting, but as the ep goes on, you kinda get the impression he’s a retard, and that’s a GOOD thing. It makes the guy a little different.

Anyways, we also get to see our second Makai Knight, a blue armored guy named Giga. Again, not much to say here. He’s a pretty straightforward character so far.

Episode 1 started strong, episode 2 was good in its own way, while 3 and 4 have been decent/good. BUT, unlike eps 1 and 2, not particularly exceptional. I’d still recommend the first 2 eps, but unless the show picks up in terms of being twisted or just pick up in general, I wouldn’t use it to convince a non-fan into getting into this genre. It’s not a bad gateway show so far, just not one to definitely hook someone with.

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