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Garo: Gold Storm Shou #3

June 1, 2015

wedAnother day, another Garo episode. Onore Decaaaaa~de-o!

My GOD, they’ve got a Reliant Robin-esque car. Such HORROR.

Hmm, it seems our main character is something of a psychic who is able to have visions when he touches certain artifacts. Also, I dig the animatronic troll bear doll thingamabob that’s partnered with presumably, our alternate Makai Knight.

Horror of the week seems to be the guy who played Sid on Kamen Rider Gaim. I guess this is the toku train.

Btw, it seems that in the toku world, the way to apply someone with a bloody wound is to shake them about the shoulders. Huh, didn’t know that. Live and learn.

Pretty straightforward episode. Nothing that I wanna note without going into episode specific spoilers. It’s so far so good on an episodic level but we’re not yet at where the story’s gripping yet. Preview indicates we might be getting a new Makai Knight next episode though.

This is probably the weakest episode so far, but it’s still decent enough. Not nearly bad enough to dump the show already, and it looks like the next ep’ll be when things really get going.

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