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Garo: Gold Storm Shou #2

May 30, 2015

goodtastegonebad2You know how in Kingsman, you should watch it for the Church scene if nothing else? Well, in Garo: Gold Storm Shou #1, you should watch it for the priest scene if nothing else. As for Garo: Gold Storm Shou #2? Well, let’s find out together shall we? As we embark on another live-ish review.

Ep 2 opens straight with the OP. Cool. And now that I look at the visuals, the OP might be giving out spoilers or at least elements of the show?

Anyways, we hit the floor running with a Horror fight. The Horror looks cool but it’s almost jarring to have 2 straight Horrors (not counting the mooks) both looking fairly conventional and not like some illegitimate offspring between a torture device, a wheel and/or cart and a spider monkey. Though this Horror looks like the undead offspring of Genghis Khan with a butterfly I guess.

AHAHA, they tease the bystander getting splashed with Horror blood.

There’s a lot of Rs this season. Ryuuga’s assistant is Rian, their boss is Ryume and they’re looking for Radan (translated as Ladan in episode 1, but apparently it’s Radan now). Anyways, the setup is a rather straightforward quest so far.

Boo, we’re getting name dropping from presumably the precursor movie.

Man, these bystanders are a whole lot smarter than the ones in ep 1. They cheesed it as soon as things got weird, whereas the peeps from ep 1 were just… bystanding around.

Woot, nice. A nicely long fight sequence. More action/choreography than Thor, amirite? Though the scene is somewhat broken up with a reminder that despite being for an older audience, said audience are still manchildren who are totally fine with certain contrivances; as we get this little girl and her gosh-awful hammy acting interjected. But really, it’s no worse than say, Flash. A whole lot better in terms of action too.

Welp, looks like episode one blew the budget on the CGI fights, no wonder we had such a long human fight.

Hmm, amusingly, it looks like the bad guy got the Yang McGuffin. Leaving the good guy with the Yin.

Hmm, is it me or do they have pretty extras here? Like, there was a scene earlier with this schoolgirl standing in the background. We don’t really see her face but she seemed pretty enough that you could think she might be important later on. But nein, so far, she’s just a background extra. I’m amused by that.

So yeah, episode 2. Pretty straightforward episode. It has some (okay, a lot of) exposition. A movie worthy fight sequence. But is otherwise a decent episode. Nothing you HAVE to see like in ep 1, but it’s still recommendable, especially if you like Garo.

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