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Garo: Gold Storm Shou #1

May 29, 2015

Garo_Gold_Storm_Shou_01_HD720O hai dere. Well, as y’all know, Mecha Guignol’s primarily an anime blog thingamajig and I figure, what’s more anime than Garo? Garo was one of the better anime last season and well, here’s a new Garo. Gold Storm Shou apparently started as a movie and was followed up almost immediately with this tv series. I have no idea what it’s gonna be in terms of chronology/continuity, but let’s blog aboot it shall we? I mean, sure, it’s got some live action bits but that’s a gimmick lots of anime use, where they interject live action bits in. It dun mean nuthin’, it’s still an anime. It’s still got animated bits and cgi bobs. So yeah, here’s the live-ish review of Garo: Gold Storm Shou #1.

Right off the bat we get a quick explanation of the setting. Which is that evil beings called Horrors have been preying on man for years but in that darkness, there was a shining light known as the Garo armor. It had lost its shine but due to one man, it’s regained its golden gleam and is now lighting the darkness once more. We then get some nice music via the Opening Credits.

Opening credits done, we jump right into the action. Like any good tokusa… anime show, it opens with death. Some dude is thrown off the side of a building and as he falls to his death, a Horror explodes outta him, thereby killing him. Dude who threw him off told the Horror to go do its groove thang.

The dude who threw the other dude off the building is the dude who played/voice acted that Kamen Rider Decade dude. This amuses me.

We then cut to a forest, where a truck breaks down and when the driver gets out to check things out, the earth cracked and he fell into a cave where he sees what I assume to be Excalibur. Only more murder-y, ’cause it murdered/disintegrated him when he took it by the hilt.

Apparently the new main hero guy is named Ryuuga. I assume this because he already has the Zaruba ring. It seems the years have mellowed Zaruba. Zaruba’s now a no goodnik SLACKER who takes naps.

We’re getting a nice long battle sequence here but the action’s somewhat stilted. The actors seem to be doing their own stunts, which could explain the stiltedness. I guess you just can’t compare ’em to pro-stunt people. Nothing too egregious, but it’d have been nice if the fluidity could match the choreography, which is good so far.

Aaaand suddenly, the smoothest action is when facing off against a CGI monster.

Oh, this bit is interesting, the Horror offers to let Ryuuga kill it without further resistance but it asks to devour a random bystander. After all, it’s just one less human… naturally, Ryuuga being the killjoy that he is, refuses. Instead, he transforms into Garo. Looks like there’s no “time limit” now and they have the budget/technology to let him do more than just a single slash before running out of budget.

With the Horror defeated, Ryuuga takes off. That random bystander might be a recurring character, since she seems to attractive/uniquely dressed to just be an extra.

Ooooh… this part’s kinda awesome. I won’t spoil it but there’s a scene with a priest and his daughter that’s pretty damn heartwarming.

Hmm, I think Keita Amamiya’s the guy who’s supposed to be a leg-man? Certainly seems like it.

Welp, having watched this first ep, I gotta say, it’s pretty darn decent. I’d recommend it, for the priest scene if nothing else.

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