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Immorel: God Among Us

May 27, 2015

immorelI was reading Injustice: Gods Among Us, Year 4 #4 and it was good, considering it’s Injustice. But as I think about it, y’know… I kinda think that Injustice is set in the same universe as Moral Orel.

So here’s what happened in Injustice Y4#4; Montoya gets shred by taking handfuls of super pills and picks a fight with Superman. At first Superman fights back but as the super pills take their toll, he realizes she’s about to go into cardiac arrest if she doesn’t calm the fuck down. So he starts trying to reason with her. He even takes a few punches. He needs her to stop before she has a hea-and Montoya drops dead from ODing on super pills. Bruce comes in and his hate boner is already fully erect for Superman.

Superman’s been trying to track down Bruce for months but out of decency and respect, he allows Bruce to take Montoya’s body away. And this just hardens and enlarges Bruce’s hate boner.

I mean, seriously, what the fuck is wrong with the Resistance/Bat Family?

But then, I recently saw a “lost” episode of Moral Orel (

And it all makes sense now. See, in the Moral Orel universe, everybody except most of the children are horrible people. The only thing that allows anyone even a semblance of humanity is religion and everyone knows it. So they cling onto religion for dear life and everything else is rejected. Including kindness/goodness/morality. So when someone like Orel comes along and he shows genuine kindness (as opposed to kindness as a side effect of following scripture), this is such a foreign thing to people that it just feels wrong.

And that’s the thing with Superman here. He’s hated when he does something bad because it’s bad stuff. But he’s REALLY hated when he does something good because the idea of someone doing good is so repulsive to the inhabitants of that world, that they can’t help but hate him for it.

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