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Supergirl #1

May 22, 2015

hopeSo yeah, we got the new Supergirl tv series now. Just saw the pilot. Super spoilers ahead.

Overall, I’d give it a thumbs up. If this came out like, 10 to 20 years ago, it’d be the bees’ knees. As it is, it’s flawed but not without some good bits.

The episode opens up with exposition. We get to see that baby Kal El already spots a spitcurl. Within the first 4 or 5 minutes, we already have a couple plot holes. See, 24 years ago, Krypton blew up and Clark was sent to earth. Kara got caught in the Phantom Zone where time stays still but eventually got out 24 years later, whereupon she would crash on Earth as a 13 year old. And now she’s a young working adult…

Soooo… Krypton blew up 24 years ago and she crashed on Earth 24 years later as a 13 year old, and is NOW a 20-something?

Also, some conspiracy theorist dude says there are aliens, but Kara’s all “there’s no such thing as aliens”, but this is a world where Superman has already revealed himself.

Speaking of… she outright calls him Superman way early in the show, but the rest of the show won’t directly mention him by name. They keep calling him the Big Guy or the Boy in Blue or HIM. I find the HIM part amusing, if only because of the inadvertent Powerpuff Girls thing.

So yeah, that’s just in the first 5 minutes, and don’t get me started on like, the next 40 or so minutes.

So does this mean Supergirl sucks? Not necessarily. The writing’s really hamfisted for the most part, but there are some good parts and there’s some pretty good acting too. I mean, at points the script is so hamfisted that no amount of Golden Globe award winning performance is gonna make the scene not an awkward embarrassment, but aside from those scenes, we got some nice performances.

For instance, the scene right after Supergirl saves her first airplane full of people and she’s all squuuueeeee was cute. This actress is like, super adorkable. She’s like, Ally McBeal without the anorexia. And speaking of Ally McBeal, Calista Flockhart’s playing Cat Grant. A multimedia tycoon. And she’s pretty much channeling Andie MacDowell from Jane by Design. And speaking of 90s stars, is that Dean Cain as Supergirl’s Earth father?

This show so needed to have happened in the late 90s/early 00s, when a) these actors were relevant and b) this would have been the most awesome superhero show ever.

But it’s not the late 90s/early 00s. So Supergirl has to follow the act of shows like Flash and Daredevil and well, she’s just not up there.

But overall I like it. It seems like it has the highest potential to suck majorly, but there’s enough good bits that it can pull itself together and be a solid show.

One other thing I wanna talk about is Hank Henshaw, aka Cyborg Superman. Here, he’s some hardass dude in charge of the secret government anti-alien department. I think the dude’s got potential. I can see him slowly warming up to Kara and being a lovable mentor/father figure before BAM! He becomes an evil cyborg.

Also, what is up with all this positive discrimination? Jimmy Olsen and Hank Henshaw are black now? Kryptonian women ruled the roost? I mean, the dude who plays Jimmy has a sweet ass voice. But I just can’t take the whole interracial thing seriously because Archer’s poked too much fun at it with Mallory’s obsession with having racist sex with a black man

Addendum: Apparently, Kara’s Earth mom is Helen Slater.

Addentum #2: There’s a really really dumb scene that I need to bring up. At the start of her heroics, people caught a picture of her. Some say that her face was too blurred, the resolution too low… okay, fine. Then a bunch of reporters say her hair is brown… or maybe black? And then Jimmy Olsen comes in and says that maybe her hair is dirty from the dust and soot from when she was doing heroics. The editor compliments Jimmy on this observation…

Her hair is fucking BLONDE you blind motherfuckers! I mean… seriously, I’ll buy that you can’t get definitive facial features on her but her hair is obviously fucking blonde.

Also, Cat Grant not recognizing Kara from the super clear picture… is acceptable. The glasses and pulled back hairstyle works a lot better in disguising Kara than Clark’s non-disguise.

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