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Netflix Daredevil Season 1

May 3, 2015



OhmygodOhmygodOh.My.God. This show is amaaaaaaaaaaaaaazingly pretty decent but nothing particularly great. Ho-hum.

To be direct, it’s very much a novel given audio-video form. An audio-video novel if you will. Not to be confused with audio novels or the fakey and pretentious visual novels that comics like to call themselves. *Ahem* I digress.

And like a novel,; the flow and the stories are such that for the most part, you can stop and watch almost any time you like. You don’t have to complete each episode in a single viewing. And despite the end of episode hooks, Daredevil’s not a show I’d recommend marathoning. A break every episode or two is probably recommended so you wouldn’t quit out of boredom.

That’s not to say Daredevil’s boring either. But there’s a loooooot of dialogue. And they’re not super critical to the current episode at hand. Regardless of whichever episode you’re watching, because they’re all for the sake of laying out the path to the resolution in the finale.

And it’s a good finale. One of the better ones out there. If I have a gripe it’s that it probably ended like, 3 or 5 minutes pass its welcome. The stuff they cover in those 3 or 5 minutes needed to be addressed, but like a novel, it feels like a drag before they reach the bookend. Which is a good bookend.

So, that’s what Daredevil is like. It’s like a novel. But as for the actual series? It’s very decent. But it’s not great. It’s very much Sopranos-lite, in which case, why not just watch Sopranos? The Flash feels very much like a superhero series. Daredevil feels like it’s almost embarrassed to have that superhero aspect and that the guys behind it actually just wanna do a gangster web-series. I say web-series because again, it feels very “actual gangster show”-lite.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I think that’s probably the right call for a franchise like Daredevil. This was probably the best way to go about doing Daredevil. It doesn’t change the fact it feels like neither fish nor fowl though.

Hell, if you’re looking for a good DAREDEVIL show, this doesn’t actually qualify as Daredevil’s show. The main character is totally Wilson Fisk, aka the Kingpin. Most closely (but not closely) followed by the main good guy character of Karen Page, who apparently has Tourette Syndrome, since she inserts “shit” into any sentence that even vaguely called for it and on a couple occasions, where it didn’t. There are entire episodes where Daredevil doesn’t appear for more than a relatively brief scene or two. I could be misremembering that, so there’s a bit of hyperbole to that, but not too much hyperbole.

The show’s got a bunch of good moments though. Most of which are probably in the earlier episodes, as the middle episodes are something of a continuous blur. Again, like a novel. The start is the hook or gimmick, the middle is where a lot of stuff happens but ultimately you don’t really care because it’s all about the ending.

Really, there’s very little surprising about Daredevil, especially if you’re even vaguely aware that Daredevil’s most well known for going from being a Spider-Man-lite to a Batman-lite with ninjas. Which brings up 3 particular points for me. Both of which, some may consider spoilers, but I don’t, because they were so fucking obvious.

First up, Sticks shows up and says there’s a weapon being smuggled to Hell’s Kitchen called the Black Sky. It’s very obvious that Black Sky’s a child. I suppose that might be a SHOCK for anyone who has never seen a gangster-centric story where the baddie takes super extra special precautions to smuggle some mega ultra awesome cargo. But said cargo is ALWAYS a child. Usually the gangster’s son, although in this case, I’m banking on Black Sky being a born ninja.

Second is Nobu being a (Hand) ninja. How the fuck can anyone not in the fictional world (ie the audience) not see that coming? I mention this simply because I came across an article or two at the top of my Google searches where the author mentioned how SHOCKING it was. I’d get it if the person watching was not aware that Daredevil had ninjas. But said author(s) knew about K’un L’un, which is way more obscure than Daredevil having fucking ninjas.

Thirdly, how Daredevil would get his “proper” costume was way telegraphed. But it’s cool because it was telegraphed about halfway in the series and the seed was planted even earlier.

And finally, to close this off. I just want to say that despite my nitpicking, Daredevil’s not a bad show by any means. I want to stress that it’s a very fairly decent show. And that also, Hell’s Kitchen is a really dumb name to constantly bring up in a fond manner.

Addendum: Foggy admits to smoking a doobie at one point. To which he expanded the point by saying that they’re also known as weed and… Mary Jane. I find that amusing. Also, Harrison Wells > Wilson Fisk. I’m sorry, but it’s kinda true, regardless of which show or style of show you prefer. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.

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