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Show by Rock!! #2 & Punch Line #2

April 20, 2015

Way to drop the ball.

Y’know what? I just don’t have the energy nor desire to bother getting a screencap for either of these 2 shows.

As you might have surmised, both Show by Rock!! #2 and Punch Line #2 have been disappointing. So much so that I’ve officially dropped both shows. I’d like to give Punch Line another chance, since it has the most potential, but it’s also the most disappointing of the two.

Show by Rock!! #2 was super generic. I got about halfway through and couldn’t finish the episode. I skimmed ahead and saw there’d be more chibi cg furries, but I really couldn’t be bothered to watch enough of the episode to reach that point. It’s not that the first half wasn’t sorta okay, but at the same time, it was a lot of nothing and the main girl and her bland co-stars just don’t do it for me. Episode 1 had a certain cuteness to keep things intriguing despite the blahness, but while the first half of episode 2 wasn’t as blah, it also didn’t have any cutesy charm either.

Punch Line’s the bigger disappointment due to the first episode being so strong and seemingly having the potential to be one of the good/great shows of the season. Unlike episode 1, there’s no action or energy in episode 2. We get the same cat porn joke that isn’t funny at all due to a complete lack of comedic timing. Like, it felt just thrown in because they realized it was a good gag, but by simply forcing the joke, it wasn’t funny at all. Also, the ghost cat’s suddenly this pervy old man. But worst of all is that episode 2’s basically like K-On!! where we see the girls doing boring nothing. Don’t get me wrong, as far as being an episode about nothing, it’s slightly more interesting than a lot of its ilk, but the drop from a fun, energy filled first episode to generic Rolling Girls boreshit is so abrupt that it’s made all the worse.

Maybe Punch Line will get better as the episodes go on, or maybe it’ll stay in its current state of mediocrity. But I’m just so disappointed in the second episode that I don’t have the will to give the third episode a try. I’d rather someone else tell me if it gets better and I should continue, rather than go through the trouble myself.

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